The shocking moment a British tourist was brutally assaulted and beaten by four bouncers in a Greek nightclub

A shocking video has revealed a British holidaymaker being brutally beaten by nightclub bouncers at a Greek beach resort.

The footage shows three men grabbing the visitor and carrying out the attack while a fourth punches him repeatedly.


Footage has emerged of the Brit being assaulted by bouncers at a Greek nightclubCredit: @lennyavison/CEN

The beheaded victim appears to be trying to break free, but he received more attacks from his assailants at the CherryBay night club in the party district. Laganas.

This unit is located in Greek the island of Zakynthosalso known as Zante, which attracts thousands of people British visitors every year.

Last Friday’s victim is shown falling to the ground, his face covered in blood, staggered outside before friends help him.

Said the eyewitnesses local media he was beaten by bouncers after they became suspicious that he had attacked a 19-year-old girl.

A 19-year-old Brit has died and a passenger has been injured in a horrific motorbike accident in Greece
No wonder the guests, 20, were found dead in a pool at a party in a Greek bar

A Serbian reports say that a man who works at the nightclub has been arrested for the matter.

Zakynthos is known to offer some of Greece a very strange sight – and one “secret beach” in the opinion of travel experts.

It’s been in the news lately, though, after all A British holidaymaker has died after being crushed by an overturned motorcycle.

The Irish visitor was last month found dead in a swimming pool at a party in Zakynthoswhen A British holidaymaker also died after falling overboard on another island.

The fight took place at a club in Laganas, on the popular holiday island of Zakynthos


The fight took place at a club in Laganas, on the popular holiday island of ZakynthosCredit: @lennyavison/CEN

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