The ‘reliable’ evidence of the Republicans against Biden is a Chinese spy

“Reliable.” These are the words of Rep. James Comer, Sen. Chuck Grassley, and other Republicans have repeatedly used it to refer to an unnamed person after their investigation into what Comer hilariously calls “the Biden crime family.” This surprising source was not at the heart of the said research. Pa press conference back in MayComer made it clear that this man and his claims were everything the result of four months of looking under rocks and chasing conspiracy theories.

However, after making inconsistencies in the “conspiracy involving then-VP Biden,” Comer’s meeting stalled and he admitted that his only witness to the conspiracy had disappeared. “Well, we hope we can find an informant,” said Comer on Fox news. “Remember that these informants are like spying.”

As it turns out, Comer was right about one thing: His missing informant was in the spy business. Like he’s a spy. For the Chinese government. Also an international supplier of illegal Chinese weapons.

For months, Republicans in the House and Senate have been saying that the whistleblower has provided evidence of a “quid pro quo” deal in which Mr. Biden agreed to influence US policy in exchange for certain benefits. Details, including country, schedule, and fees, to come soon.

The fact that one informant was in the air did not stop Comer, Grassley, and others like Sen. Ron Johnson wears a channel between Fox News and Newsmax as he boldly repeats what he said about the deal that Biden asked for a different kind. of corruption.

But one person at the center of the Republican case against Biden, as it stands, happens to be Gal Luft. And the word “very reliable” is not a word that many people would describe him. “International terrorism” would be one good option. So is the “Chinese spy”.

A dual citizen of the United States and Israel, Luft is the founder and director of the think tank Institute for Analysis of Global Security as well other organizations which now seems to have ended. He has been featured as an electrician on many television shows, including features Price CNBC last year when he opposed restrictions on allowing Russia to sell oil.

On Monday, Luft paid with multiple charges of illegally selling Chinese weapons to Libya, the UAE, and Kenya; lying to FBI agents; and being an unregistered agent of the Chinese military.

And it’s not like Republicans don’t know this. The whole reason Luft disappeared when it came time to testify back in May wasn’t because he was involved in “espionage stuff,” it was because he was too busy with “criminal stuff.” It is because Luft was jumped bail in Cyprus to avoid extradition for the same charges filed on Monday.

The reason Luft disappeared was not surprising. He was on the mend, pursuing charges that included the illegal sale of armored vehicles, anti-tank weapons, grenade launchers, mortar shells, automatic rifles, bombs, rockets, and “assault” drones. And lied to the FBI about his activities after being caught.

However, to give Republicans credit, Luft actually had communications with evidence that people received money from Chinese security companies to line their pockets while making illegal sales. Messages like this:

“[The Chinese Defense Exporter] will give 10 percent to us on all business done in the country. Best Gal.” The letter was a letter to Kenya’s Ministry of Defense from a China Defense Exporter, which described itself in the letter as “an international defense company approved by the Chinese government.”

So Luft was illegally transporting and selling weapons from a Chinese state security company and hacking Kenyan security officials, and himself, on delicious bribes. The only thing missing from this is any evidence that comes within a million miles of President Joe Biden.

That doesn’t mean there weren’t corrupt US officials involved. Because it was there. What led to Luft being charged as an unregistered agent of the Chinese government was not the international sale of its equipment. It was this:

Specifically, LUFT conspired with others to … covertly hire and pay, on behalf of officials based in China, a former high-ranking US government official, including an adviser to the then-President-elect, to publicly support other points. regarding China … in violation of the law on registration of foreign corporations.

If that’s confusing, Luft agreed to “covertly recruit and pay” a consultant Donald Trump to make him support good policies in China. The document does not identify the adviser beyond the fact that he was a “former head of the US government” (Michael Flynn. We all thought it was Michael Flynn, right?), but there is one thing that is clear: It was not Hunter Biden or President Joe Biden.

None of this was a problem for Republicans. Luft reappeared for several days at the end of May, until he gave an interview to the New York Post in which he said that he had to flee because it was “impossible” to get justice. The trial in Washington, D.C. They stopped hiding that the world’s arms dealer and supporter of China was their main witness in the last weeks.

Sunday, Johnson went to Fox News where he rested by urging Vladimir Putin not only to say that Luft should be “given protection,” but also provided a surprising insight into the depth of his brain.

According to Johnson, Luft was such a good citizen who heard that Joe Biden was a fraud running for president, he just had to tell the FBI everything, “So he met with two prosecutors from the Southern District of New York and four FBI agents in Brussels for two days. in March 2019, “except “one of prosecutors in the Southern District of New York is the same prosecutor who prosecuted Patrick Ho, the moneylender who paid Hunter Biden a million dollars to protect him,” and “in this case, he argued. He prevented the Bidens’ name from being brought up in court,” and, in “One of the FBI agents was the same agent who signed the subpoena from Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

So … good citizen Luft ran to tell the FBI about Biden more than a month Biden announced he was running, and the FBI under Trump-appointed Christopher Wray, and the Justice Department under Trump-appointed Attorney General William Barr, put Luft and FBI agents and Trump-appointed U.S. attorneys in the pocket magically. . Joe Biden, although Biden was then a private citizen with absolutely no power. Then these evil FBI agents and evil US attorneys worked together to shut down what Luft told them.

Johnson followed that up with something that would make a lot of sense – if you’re a guillotine dealer.

Johnson: “We need a majority in the Senate, so I can chair the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations.”

That’s what this is all about. Ordering a new “Committee on Public Safety” to bring down the old horrors on the nation. Forever.

But even Johnson’s turn as Robespierre wasn’t nearly as exciting as Comer’s appearance on Newsmax last Friday.


The only ones who should feel like fools are those who believe that Republicans ever thought they had real evidence against Biden. Or those who believe they care if there is reality behind them. If it takes supporting spies working for Chinese state weapons manufacturers to continue attacking Biden and campaigning to weaken the FBI, Republicans will gladly go there.

And Fox News is happy to go along with it, even though Comer is repeating Luft’s claims as if they were confirmed, rather than just speculation.


Chairman Thank you, Rep. Comer.

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