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Annual profits for Delta Air Lines Inc., United Airlines Holdings Inc. and American Airlines Group Inc. That’s more than three times the gains of the S & P 500, as major US airlines perform strongly even as the hurricane continues. Delta continued the trend on July 13 by announcing a second earnings per share it exceeded the experts’ estimates.

United and American could also post their best quarterly EPS since 2019, with 11 US carriers combined expected to post second-quarter earnings.


Delta reported adjusted earnings of $2.68 a share, compared to the $2.41 that analysts were expecting and the $1.44 per share reported a year ago. Meanwhile, United’s adjusted EPS is expected to rise 179% from a year ago, and the $1.53-per-share estimate in America is the highest since mid-2019.

United stock is up 49% year to date, while American and Delta are also seeing bigger gains than the S&P 500.

Airlines continue to face challenges, including the Canadian fire and staff shortages. But oil prices are falling It has helped US carriers reduce prices for three months running. If travel demand is decreasing Later in the year, this can damage travel goods, including airplanes.

“The big question remains – is the consumer willing to spend more and consume the same or more? Or is this a return that will end?” said Bloomberg Intelligence Senior Analyst George Ferguson in mid-June.


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