The best games for Xbox Series X/S 2023

We are now fully integrated into Xbox Series X and Series S generation, each console offers something different depending on your budget and location, but all with the same list of amazing games to explore.

We’ve rounded up the best titles for the latest Xboxes right now, in a well-organized and curated list of options.

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From Applications

Big ring

1. The best Xbox Series X/S game ever

The upper world

$56 $60 Save $4

An incredible experience from start to finish.


  • Amazing insight
  • An effective teaching method
  • A wonderful story of mythology

  • It may not make sense
  • Great struggle

FromSoftware has managed to do a lot in the form of Elden Ring, successfully combining its linear design concept with the freedom of an open world to create a large space that you can explore as you wish.

Everywhere you turn, you’ll encounter incredible enemies to defeat in a tough and challenging battle, with tons of weapons to try and combinations to explore. The Elden Ring will be a mystery for a long time.

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Disco Elysium

2. The best Xbox Series X/S game on record

A smart RPG

A game that allows you to approach the conversation from a crazy perspective.


  • Amazing posts
  • Superior rights
  • Many endings

An RPG so intricately designed that it has to be played to be believed, Disco Elysium raises expectations by allowing you to step away from your own dialogue and decisions. You play as a detective who is struggling to solve a complicated case, and how you do things is up to you.

It looks good but the writing is the real star here, with a brilliant voice that brings it to life and a terrifying dystopian world to explore. If every major RPG let you control like this, the world would be a fun place.

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Forza Horizon 5

3. The best Xbox Series X/S games for running

A driver’s paradise

$45 $60 Save $15

It is probably the most beautiful and fun driving game.


  • Good looks
  • Fun map
  • Countless cars

Forza Horizon 5 may not be bold in new ways, but this is a franchise that knows what it does best. It’s the world’s fastest racing game that looks great on Series X, with visuals that surpass all other racing games.

This time the game has moved to Mexico, and this creates a different and beautiful environment, with a good soundtrack and enough speed to get through.

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Hello Infinite

4. Best Xbox Series X/S shooter games

The best modern halo

$28 $60 Save $32

The biggest franchise for Xbox offers new beautiful games.


  • Nice new open space
  • Halo’s old mess
  • Simple story

  • It can seem very flexible

Of course, when you think Xbox you think Halo, and while Infinite took a while to arrive, it’s here as a brand new campaign and free-to-play multiplayer offering.

This is Halo back in its best form, with a free and open environment that lets you do things your way and plenty of sandbox fun that rewards you for experimenting with the tools you’re given.

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2K games

Marvel’s Midnight Sun

5. The best Xbox Series X/S smart games

Superhero strategy

A great game wrapped in a fun superhero social simulator game, this is a real joy to play.


  • The best way
  • Fun characters
  • Zippy script

  • It takes time to go

In Firaxis’ action-adventure game, you control a large group of heroes, some famous and some familiar.

Battle is a fun card game, where you also get more time to build relationships and loyalties with your new team in the spare time. It’s a satisfying, predictable time to enjoy.

Diablo 4 review 4-1

Devil 4

6. The best Xbox Series X/S games to grab

Unlimited fun

This mysterious creeper is very disturbing and compelling, with a dark story to uncover.


  • Bad news
  • A dark, beautiful world
  • Many build to try

  • Complex systems in later games

Diablo 4 was a long, long time coming – but now it’s here and it’s got a dark world full of twisted stories and the ubiquitous promise of even better loot to continue its epic campaign and post-game.

With an online world that is always full of events and challenges that you have to overcome as soon as you finish its story, this promises to be a game that lasts for years to come, and we love it.

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Resident Evil Village

7. The best Xbox Series X/S horror games

For horror fans

A fun adventure we won’t soon forget, the Village is fun enough to play, with some perils along the way.


  • Great schlocky horror
  • Good gun
  • It looks beautiful

  • Sometimes completely bad

The latest game in the Resident Evil series is something of an unrelenting beauty, with a story that’s on the verge of being weird but very interesting throughout the twists and turns.

In addition, it looks amazing on Microsoft’s next-generation boxes, with ray tracing and large frames to create a beautiful, smooth design that will stay with you for years.

Street Fighter 6: Everything we know about SF6 image 4

Street Fighter 6

8. Best Xbox Series X/S fighting game

The whole race

The latest Street Fighter is something special, a fighting game that is ready for success.


  • A wonderful battle
  • More control
  • A great list

  • The World Tour is a bit of a drag

Another game that we have had to wait for years, Street Fighter 6 comes with a group of fighters that beg for familiarity and a World Tour mode that takes on new players and everything they have to offer.

The game looks and feels great, too, and its online versions are solid and stable, making it the best fighting game package on the Xbox Series X/S right now.

Dead Space 3 review


Dead Space

9. The best Xbox Series X/S space games

Very dangerous

An impressive adaptation of the most popular game, Dead Space is seen as a new symbol of the modern horror title.


  • Amazing place
  • Such a wonderful sound and lighting
  • A great success

  • So reformation is not entirely new

Dead Space is recreated from the classic cabinet, with incredible work by EA’s Motive Studios to ensure that the spirit of the original game is preserved while being enhanced and polished to a modern sheen.

It looks and sounds amazing, with lighting that makes for an incredible sight as you pass the damaged USG Ishimura.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor shows 9

Electronic Arts

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

10. Best Xbox Series X/S games for action

$55 $70 Save $15

A good Star Wars game that advances the final entry in a number of ways.


  • Excellent design
  • Interesting story
  • It looks really good

Survivor takes everything we love about the Fallen Order and refines it, with a compelling story and many ways to fight and forces people to explore different battlefields.

It’s a great looking game that takes advantage of the latest hardware to shave download times and features multiple challenging levels to explore.

How to choose your Xbox Series X or S game

If you’re on the hunt for a new Xbox Series X or S game, it won’t take long to realize how many options there are. Here are some questions to help you figure out what’s right for you.

Looking for something cool?

Some of the games on this list are pretty active and require a lot of attention and even some skills to do well, and while that is perfect for many of us, there are other options if you want something more laid back and lazy. The likes of Forza Horizon 5 and Flight Simulator both let you cruise around under your own steam, exploring and taking in the sights without needing to put in the effort you need to have a good time.

Do you play with your friends?

Of course, many of us now like to play online games with our friends so it’s good to check before buying a game if it has an online component or features that you can enjoy with your friends, whether it’s co-op or competition.

Have you checked out Game Pass?

Perhaps the biggest thing when it comes to buying Series X or Series S games is Microsoft’s package – Xbox Game Pass. This membership gives you a huge library of games to play for a monthly fee, and some of the best games on the platform are included, such as Halo Infinite. While we still like to have our favorite games so we know we’ll always have access to them, it’s worth checking out Game Pass to try out the games.

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