The best games for PlayStation 5

Role-playing games offer something unique that other genres can’t always match – venturing into a new world, meeting new characters and creating one of your own, and exploring big and complex stories.

The PlayStation 5 it’s a great place to play them too, with many themes that span different styles and settings to provide a variety of experiences. We’ve hand-picked some of the best games you can play on the Sony console, just about anything you can think of.

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From Applications

Big ring

1. Best PS5 RPG overall

Enigmatic wisdom

$55 $0 Save $-55

An open-world game of Souls that plays as deceptively as anything we’ve had in years.


  • A world without jaws
  • A big, deep struggle
  • Lots of choices

  • Brutal problems
  • Sometimes the guidance is very obvious

FromSoftware’s new game is a complete success, putting its amazing game ideas into the open world with great success. Big ring it has amazing places to see and places to explore, many of which contain dangerous enemies.

You will create a character according to your needs, explore in any way you want and see how you can deal with some of the most difficult environments and dangerous bosses under your own steam. This is amazing.

Final Fantasy 16 review Cid

Final Fantasy 16

2. Best PS5 RPG for boss fights

Large scale

The latest Final Fantasy game is amazing, with amazing combat and an overarching story, that will make you run to see its tragic ending.


  • Good news
  • A very successful method
  • It looks and sounds amazing

Final Fantasy launched in PS5 with the first new entry in 16 years, a visual epic that tells the story of the hero Clive Rosfield and his group of friends as they come together to end evil in the world of Valistea.

It’s a classic tale of heroes, demons and giants, and features a new combat system that’s full of action and glory, along with some of the most intense boss fights we’ve ever seen.

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Disco Elysium: Final Cut

3. Best PS5 RPG on record

Incredible writing

One of the most impressive and innovative RPGs in years.


  • Amazing posts
  • Absolute freedom of speech
  • Amazing times

  • Words
  • Sometimes a little unforgiving

If you want high-quality dialogue and the freedom to approach dialogue and challenges in the most outrageous ways, Disco Elysium is the perfect fit. This free-to-play RPG may take place in a limited space, but the way it deals with talking to people and figuring things out is sure to impress.

You play as a detective struggling to solve a complex and brutal crime scene, and you travel around the ports of a realistic dystopian city as you do so, encountering both good and bad people at every turn. It looks great and the writing is as sharp as a pin.

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Sony Interactive Entertainment

God of War Ragnarok

4. Best PS5 action RPG

Great follow up

$50 $70 Save $20

This sequence makes things very crowded.


  • Great struggle
  • A fun twist
  • Major areas to explore

  • It doesn’t feel very new
  • It rushes to the end a bit

Another shot from Santa Monica Studio, Ragnarök proves that it can repeat the trick, and another expertly told story of fatherhood and inheritance to explore for hours. There’s an amazing crafting system and tons of characters to interact with, making the game even bigger than 2018’s God of War.

The series that used to be about action and other small games is now a full-fledged RPG, in our books, and the game world is very rich.

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Sony Interactive Entertainment

Horizon Forbidden West

5. The best PS5 RPG game

A wonderful world

$46 $50 Save $4

A great open source game that looks great on PS5.


  • Beautiful world
  • New things to deal with
  • Larger on a larger scale

  • He still has some questions to fill

The sequel to Zero Dawn, Banned in the West it expands and improves on the original in almost every way possible, and looks jaw-dropping on the PS5 with detail, clarity and frame rates compared to the PS4.

You also play as Aloy as she travels in search of a cure for the pollution that is spreading around the world, and you have to fight many dinosaurs along the way. There are new weapons, armor and characters to encounter and all of them are fun.

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Bluepoint Games

Demonic Spirits

6. The best PS5 space RPG

Visually amazing

$41 $70 Save $29

A game that looks like the future and offers old challenges to the players.


  • The sights and sounds are incredible
  • A highly developed world
  • Very profitable

  • Really strong
  • It doesn’t lead you too far

If you recently got a PS5, you’re probably looking for games that take full advantage of its advanced hardware as well Double controller, and Demonic Spirits it is closely related to the same. This is a stunningly beautiful game, a classic remake from the PS3 days.

It’s tough as nails, with an unyielding approach to difficulty and a design that will leave you with a bit of a wrinkle without much practical advice. However, once you get used to its difficulty you will find something valuable, and something you can’t play anywhere else. For most people, however, the Elden Ring is a great way to start the series.

Diablo 4 review 4-1

Devil 4

7. The best PS5 RPG hack

Fun game

Perhaps the best dungeon crawler out there today, Diablo 4 is compelling, confusing, and deliciously dark.


  • A fun, dark story
  • A beautiful world to explore
  • More games later

  • It can be monotonous
  • Hard to learn

Diablo is back, and has been reformed after years of trouble, with an online world full of life and death alike, full of dark quests and difficult tasks to complete.

Loot hunting is just as intense as ever, and the fun of just hanging out with your design to have your favorite character play has never diminished, so I’m sinking hours.

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Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

8. Best PS5 RPG for quirk

Perfect renovation

This beautiful redesign looks even better on PS5, and plays like a dream.


  • Video format
  • Good manners
  • Slow down, very relaxed

  • A little melodramatic at times

Revision of Final Fantasy VII‘opening stages look amazing on PS4, but with more visuals and updates, it’s jaw-dropping at times on PlayStation 5, and now includes a bonus DLC where you play as Yuffie for the first time.

Most of the time you’ll be in charge of the famous Cloud Strife, however, when he signs a bigger-than-expected mission in the two-dimensional city of Midgar. It’s a great adventure that brings in some great characters, and we can’t wait to see the next installment.

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EA / BioWare

The classic version of Mass Effect

9. The best PS5 RPG ever

Really old fashioned

$12 $20 Save $8

The classic version is revived on new hardware, allowing you to play the famous trilogy.


  • Truly epic scale
  • A good story told well and slowly
  • Amazing character

  • The first game has a rope battle
  • Other signs of age

One of the greatest RPGs of all time gets a new coat of paint and can be played at high resolution and at a very reasonable price. The classic version of Mass Effectwhich collects the entire Mass Effect trilogy into one great value package.

You’ll step into the shoes of Commander Shepard as he tries to fend off the galaxy’s final threat with an epic storyline that reflects your choices in the game and many memorable and beloved friends to name. It’s a lot of fun, and even though it’s an old game, it looks and feels great on the PS5.

Best RPGs for PS5: The best games for PlayStation 5 picture 12

Persona 5 Royal

10. The best PS5 RPG in terms of features

Phantom Thieves

$36 $0 Save $-36

This zippy JRPG has a mountain of stories for you to enjoy.


  • Amazing color
  • Good looks and feel
  • A very successful method

  • It’s just great
  • Difficult time management

A massive game that will consume your life for months even if you play it the most, Persona 5 boasts one of the most intense and satisfying fighting systems in memory.

It tells a twisted and compelling story of inner demons and school kids pulling pranks to stop people from destroying themselves, all in an artful style that’s so cute. The music is classic, and the writing is superb, making for an amazing package that is now more beautiful than ever on PS5.

How to choose your next PS5 RPG

There’s a whole bunch of RPGs out there for PS5 – here’s a quick quiz to guide you to the right one for you.

What is your favorite place?

Do you like old school favorites? Do you know more about ancient places? Or you want a futuristic dytopia, right? All of these questions involve what kind of genre you like to play when you’re looking for an RPG. Like us, you probably don’t care what you try, but if you have a unique sound that can help you choose a game.

Do you like real war?

Some RPGs have turn-based mechanics to allow you to plan your next move, while others are real-time and require you to think a little harder. There is even a mid-game that allows you to pause but play in real time when you like. If you want to go with the losers or like to take your time, read the reviews to make sure you know what each game has to offer.

How hard do you love your sport?

A big question for players is how they approach the challenge – do you like games that make it easy for you? Some of the options we’ve mentioned, such as Demon Souls, have one hard part that you can’t change, and that can be a penalty, so make sure you know what you’re getting into!

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