Tens of Thousands Oppose Biden’s New Laws on Gas Vehicles

More than 180,000 Americans sent comments about the conservative administration of the Biden administration, which threatens to remove the cheap and affordable. most reliable gas cars from the market in favor of less popular electric cars.

A total of 15,995 Americans submitted comments against the new laws through the portal created by Heritage Action for America, an organization of the Heritage Foundation, representing 8.7% of all comments. (The Daily Signal is an article of The Heritage Foundation.)

“Filing nearly 16,000 comments during the comment period of this law alone, the Heritage Action group of grassroots Americans has spoken out against the EPA’s new plan to squeeze gas-powered vehicles from the market with more stringent emissions standards,” said Ryan Walker, executive director of the agency. Heritage Action, he said The Daily Signal.

“These public comments will be critical in helping to delay, change, or defeat the current Biden administration,” Walker added. “Heritage Action and the people of rural America have shown that they will continue to fight against the demands of the Biden administration.”

The new Environmental Protection Agency rules, which one Heritage Foundation expert called “The state of Grand Theft Auto,” mandates reductions in carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and greenhouse gas emissions for model years from 2027 to 2032. By that year, automakers will have to reduce emissions from cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs are 56%. .

EPA has agreed that the new regulations are so strict that car manufacturers must make 67% of new electric cars to comply.

“These proposed laws require a tenfold increase in sales [in EVs] in just eight years,” the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, which represents General Motors, Toyota Motor Corp., Volkswagen, Hyundai, and others, he told Reuters. “The EPA is also imposing stricter regulations than ever, targeting zero-emission vehicles.”

Like Diana Furchtgott-Rothdirector of Heritage’s Center for Energy, Climate, and Environment, recently wrote that Americans prefer gasoline-powered cars because they are cheaper.

The Ford F-150 electric pickup truck, America’s best-selling vehicle, costs $26,000 more than a gasoline-powered model. Tesla’s electric cars start at $39,000 for the Model 3 and go up to about $100,000 for the Model X—more than most Americans can afford.

While gas-powered cars take five to 10 minutes to fill up an electric car, it can take up to 45 minutes to fill up an electric car—and that doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait if you arrive first.

It is not known what this pain will achieve. Kevin Dayaratna, a senior economist and senior researcher at Heritage, calculated that eliminating all fossil fuels in the United States would reduce global warming by 0.2 degrees Celsius by 2100.

The Biden administration could pass these tough laws, but the law requires the administration to listen to the American people when commenting on any major legislation.

Government agencies open up their proposed laws and regulations to “notice and respond,” a process that everyday citizens can try. Corporations must read the comments, and sometimes the courts refer to them even if the government decides to move forward with the law.

Last month, the Ministry of Education announced that it would delay the implementation of a The new Title IX law (forcing schools to allow male athletes to compete in women’s sports) in five months—from late May to October—because they received more than 240,000 comments.

It remains unclear whether the EPA will delay or revise its emissions regulations following the notice and comment period.

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