Summer League players to watch in 2023


With the 2023 NBA Draft in the history books, it’s time to look ahead and talk about the Summer League players to watch in 2023.

As you know by now, Summer League gives us our first chance to see the stars of tomorrow do their thing, and some prove to be unique and ahead of the pack at the same time.

Summer League players to watch in 2023

Of course, the Summer League competition is not always successful, so it is difficult to make a conclusion – good or bad – after several performances against rookies, second-year players, and untrained guys. However, we will introduce you to the top five Summer League players to watch in 2023.

5. Anthony Black

Our list starts with Anthony Black, but not because of his obvious gifts. The Orlando Magic, despite their reputation, showed signs that did not happen last season, and what hindered them was the lack of a point guard – an issue that was discussed in the NBA Draft by Black.

Black is the biggest dog, the elite player, the fastest and the fastest. He is a fierce competitor who is always looking to prove his doubters wrong, but his lack of reliable jumping could be a major obstacle for him. How will they respond in the league? We have to see.

4. Scott Henderson

You know that Scott Henderson he has a big chip on his shoulder after falling to third in the draft. If that wasn’t enough motivation, the fact that Damian Lillard chose not to play with him and he asked for a trade he only increases the weight of his shoulders forward.

Despite his size, Henderson has the makings of a superstar. He’s probably the fastest player in the draft, and his combination of strength, power, and quickness is simply breathtaking. He is a sensation who is waiting to happen every time he pushes for the break, and he is waiting to prove that he was the best player in this class.

3. Brandon Miller

Looking at the top three, there’s a chance this will go down as one of them the best Draft classes of all time.

Brandon Miller he was quick to rise in most mock drafts for very good reason, as he boasted that he could be a lock down defender, successful and efficient in all three areas, and a versatile player.

The San Antonio Spurs department compared him to Paul George and It’s Leonard, and the similarity is certain. He has incredible shooting skills, and can be a two-star.

2. Chet Holmgren

Not so long ago, people were talking about Chet Holmgren very similar to what he was saying Victor Wembanyama, good and bad. He missed his entire rookie season, but that helped him step up, hit the gym, watch tape, and prepare to dominate now.

Holmgren will be the man on the job from day one. They will look to make sure it is a real unicorn. It’s the USA against the rest of the world; it is a battle of two towers. Holmgren is a top defenseman with a handle, but he needs to prove he’s healthy.

1. Victor Wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama is alone on the list the most anticipated NBA Drafteven further Zion Williamson. People may be setting him up for failure with the unrealistic expectations placed on him right now, but that’s how good he can be.

The network has to watch television from day one, and that includes the NBA Summer League. His skills are something we haven’t seen before, but people will look to pick his game and be quick to call him out of the gate if he doesn’t dominate out of the gate.


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