Stanley Tucci Talks About 21 Years With Wife Felicity Blunt


Stanley Tuccithe path to love is Felicity Blunt they came with speed bumps first.

The The Devil Wears Prada The star shared that he was initially hesitant to date Felicity, his wife of more than a decade, due to their 21-year age difference.

“I kept trying to quit,” Stanley said BBC Radio’s Desert Island CDs. Then he explained: “I’m 21 years older than him and I never wanted to get old for the rest of my life!”

In addition, Stanley revealed that he was “afraid to get into a relationship” with Felicity after the death of his first wife, Kate Tucciin 2009. However, Felicity’s friendship has been a healing presence for Stanley and the three children they share with Kate: 23-year-old twins. Isabella and Nicole and a 21-year-old daughter Camilla.

“Felicity has been amazing, taking in a widow and three children who lost their mother,” said Stanley, who adopted a son. Matteo,8, is a child Emilia, 5, and Felicity. “It’s the biggest thing at such a young age. If anyone has made us all better, it’s him.


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