Spotlight on Guatemala City’s Young Filmmakers

Like many dreams, the lines of what could be a movie house Perfect Disobedience was born at 3:00 am

Vanessa Martínez, 17, and Javier Martínez (no relation), 18, two students in Guatemala City, Guatemala, had a sleepless night last April about their love of movies. They had just worked together on a short film Vanessa wrote about two young homosexuals who fall in love and face the pain of their religion, which led the friends to think about how to bring together their collaborators in a mixed environment to create more films on this. education.

Together with a close friend, Sebastián Aldana, 18, founded Desobedencia Perfecta, whose mission is to explore the stories of Guatemala’s lower and middle class.

The group’s members are scattered throughout Guatemala, and around the world, and most of their cooperation is done online. On the first day that the whole group was able to gather in person, at the Lux Theater in Guatemala City, photographer Juan Brenner was there to capture the moment. “We explored all the theater that day, all its corners. We even went up on the roof,” said Javier. “The most we did that day was hug each other.” (All interviews translated from Spanish.)

In addition to places like Lux, a large Art Deco theater in a popular district of Guatemala City, young filmmakers meet in friends’ houses or in local parks to rehearse and film.

“It was so beautiful to find people who not only shared the same passions, but were good people, wonderful people who respected each other,” she said. Sophie Ribbon, 18on the left.

At the core of the group is a “desire to be invincible and to show that talent can be created anywhere,” he said. Vanessa. “It doesn’t matter if there is no place for this, because we will create our own place.”

Most of the 14 people in this group grew up in Catholic families that did not follow God’s rules, but many of them no longer follow the religion. Instead, he found solace and chose family through art.

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