Spanish court suspends investigation into Israeli spies hacking Pedro Sánchez’s phone – POLITICO

Spain’s Supreme Court announced on Monday that an investigation into the theft of the phone had been carried out direct Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has been suspended, due to Israel’s failure to provide information on the matter.

Pegasus, a spy drug from the Israeli company NSO, was used to hack in Sanchez’s phone between 2020 and 2021. The phones of the Spanish ministers of defense, interior and agriculture were also seen. About three gigabytes of data is reported stolen from Sánchez’s phone.

José Luis Calama, a judge at Spain’s Supreme Court, said that “the real security of the state has been put at risk,” during the espionage, as reported. and social media on Monday.

The Spanish court asked Israel to provide more information on the matter than a year ago – but received no response.

“This silence shows that there is no legal agreement with the Israeli government. This makes us think that the requested judicial request, which has been sent four times, will not be fulfilled,” said Calama.

Due to the lack of information, the court could not find out who was involved in the tampering.

Sánchez – who faces a tough election next week – was the first head of a European country with NATO to join. he was kidnapped and spyware.

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