Southern Poverty Law Center: Will Smear for Money


The Southern Poverty Law Center just released a report that there are 1,225 anti-government groups in America. These groups cause “fear and pain [in] black, brown, and LGBTQ people.”

The SPLC lists such groups on its “hate map.”

I once believed in this place. Well-meaning people still do. Apple once gave them $1 million.

But what donors don’t know is that these days, the SPLC denigrates good people, not “haters.”

Ayaan Hirsi Ali grew up Muslim in Somalia, but now criticizes radical Islam and sometimes (perhaps this is what troubles the SPLC) hangs out with American sympathizers. The site put Hirsi Ali on its list.

The site also mocks the Family Research Council. Sometimes I don’t agree with the organization. But they are not on the “hostile map.”

“When they don’t agree with you politically, they’re going to label you as ‘haters,'” says the organization’s Vice President Jerry Boykin in my new video.

“You are a hater!” I tell him. “You hate gays.”

“No, I don’t hate gays!” he answers. “I know gay people, and I’ve worked with gay people.” The organization only opposed same-sex marriage, a view shared by Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton.

One man was so enraged by what the SPLC wrote, that he went to the headquarters of the Family Research Council to kill people. He shot the guard. Luckily, the injured guard stopped him before he could shoot anyone.

Boykin said: “He told the judge he was going to kill most of us because we were a ‘hate group.’

The agency is also defaming the Ruth Institute, a Christian group that believes foster care agencies should place children in straight families.

I told Ruth Institute President Jennifer Morse that she must be a “hater.”

“I love gays!” he is laughing. “I have no problem with homosexuals! That is not the story. … There may be times when the best person for a child would be their Uncle Harry and his friend. …

When the SPLC put the organization on its hate map, its bank cut them off.

“You are a group that promotes hatred, violence…,” wrote the bank. Therefore, we do not do business with you.

The Ruth Institute and the Family Research Council are still on the hate list.

“There is no appeal. “I don’t know how you get down,” Morse laments.

I suspect that this site maintains a hate list to bring in more money.

The facility pays some of its employees more than $400,000 a year.

“More than my entire annual budget,” says Morse. “So, yeah, whatever they’re doing, it pays off.”

It certainly does. Harper’s Magazine once said that this was the richest human rights group in America, which spends a lot of time and energy trying to get more money.

He promised to stop fundraising once he had raised $55 million. But when they reached $55 million, they raised their goal to $100 million, saying that $100 million would allow them to “stop raising expensive money.”

But when he reached $100 million, he didn’t stop. They collected $200 million. Then $400 million. Now he has $730 million.

However, they still make money.

“A lot of that is in offshore accounts in the Caymans,” says Boykin.

It’s true. You can see it on their tax forms.

Today, the SPLC smears groups like Moms for Liberty and Moms for America, calling them anti-government because they oppose pornography in schools, and they seek out school seats to try to “ban… school districts. [from] ignoring parents’ feelings.”

Give me a moment. The center puts Moms for America on the “hate map,” but not Antifa, the hate group that attacks people on the right.

Today, the Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate group in itself.

It’s a left-handed, money-grabbing machine.


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