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Britney Spears41, recently had the opportunity to meet Lance Bass‘beautiful one year old twins Violet Betty and Alexander James and he couldn’t help himself! The singer, whose band apparently he didn’t let him meeting them in the past, he took Twitter shared two new photos of her posing with children and the 44-year-old Concept of the company NSYNC alum and her husband Sam Asghari, and shared an interesting quote. “I am the new aunt of Lance’s children!!! They are beautiful children!!!”… her words read.

In the photos, Britney wore a red striped top and white shorts. She had long hair down and added glasses to her look. Lance wore a pair of blue, white, and pink pants over gray pants, and Sam wore a light blue denim jacket over a black top with dark green pants and a black baseball cap. The twins wore their summer tops and bottoms as they held toys and looked at the camera.

The cute photos come after Lance said that Britney’s team stopped him from seeing his children. “He’s reached out to his people, he wants to meet the kids and everything,” he told his guest and music manager Johnny Wright on the June episode of his podcast, Frosted Instructions. Her husband, Michael Turchin, explained that “his people do not follow,” and “refused” to meet him. Lance then said that he had to speak to her “in a strange way” that involved speaking “through people.”

Lance Bass
Lance welcomed his twins 20 months ago. (Fati Sadou/ABACAPRESS.COM/Shutterstock)

It was also recently revealed that Britney and Lance are related, as sixth cousins, once removed, during the 2021 episode of Ancestry’s. 2 Lie & Page list. “You’re lying? … This is amazing. Oh my god!” he said on the show. “Look, I wanted to be related to the Queen. Well, now I’m related to the queen of pop!

“That’s so crazy, because, I mean, I feel like she’s my little sister, and she’s been my little cousin all this time. And it makes sense because we were born an hour apart from each other. This is very good, “he continued. “For some reason, I always thought of myself as part of our family, even when we were children. I mean, this means a lot to me. They are like family to me, so that we are related by blood is amazing.


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