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TikTok allows its users to create short videos that are engaging, creative, and authentic. With over 14 million daily users, it has become a fast-growing destination for Patient Leaders looking to share their endless or incurable disease journey. On TikTok, Patient Leaders can create experiences, connect with others, and amplify their voices.

TikTok is a new way to connect with people and it can feel exhausting to get started. In the session below, Social Health Network Patient Director Ariana Covarrubias shares her expertise on getting started as a Patient Director on TikTok.

Key requirements:

  • TikTok can be a great tool to let people know about your problem.
  • Awareness can lead to more funding for research, community building, support, and awareness for those with disabilities.
  • You can create and edit on the TikTok app itself or use other apps like CapCut, iMovie, or InShot.
  • Put your email in your bio so people can contact you for press requests.
  • Always reply to comments as it helps to improve the video.
  • Follow other creatives and encourage open discussion through your posts.

About Ariana

Ariana Covarrubias is a 21-year-old girl from Los Angeles. She is a model, advocate, and creator. For the past 2 years, she has been using modeling and her social media as a way to raise awareness about her rare and dangerous skin condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa (also known as EB).

EB is very rare, and it affects Ariana’s life in every way imaginable. He created TikTok videos that have over 20 million views, and raised awareness about EB. She started promoting as a way to show others in her community that different looks are good and to promote self-love. Showing the severity of his chronic illness has allowed him to educate people in more ways than one and help those with EB not feel as alone as they once did.

Follow Ariana on TikTok @Fragileskinariana.

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