Secret Service Confused: No Suspects in White House Cocaine Affair | The Gateway Pundit | and Jim Hoft

The Secret Service on Monday told reporters that there are no suspects in the Biden White House cocaine incident.

They are completely confused.

But, gosh darnit, they continue to look for the criminal who left the bag of cocaine in the libraryeast wing, the western wing, a public transport system, near Kamaala parking lot… They just change their stories which are not suspicious at all.

The Secret Service initially reported that coke was found in the library. Then the story began to change.

Does it seem like they are hiding something?

And now the Secret Service says they don’t know who hid the cocaine in the library!

If this crime had taken place in a building with enough security cameras maybe they would have identified the culprit by now?

Through Breitbart news.

The Secret Service said Monday that its investigation into who brought cocaine to the White House “remains open and active.”

“It’s still open and operational at this point,” Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told Breitbart News.

There are no suspects here, he said. “Things like this can come after the investigation is over,” he added.

The House Oversight Committee has requested a briefing by the Secret Service by Friday.

Secret Service to Brief Congress Staff on Mystery of Cocaine in the Biden White House

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