Save on Watch Series 8 and Watch SE (2022)

There are several major online sales days throughout the year, one of them is Prime Day. Taking place this year from July 11-12, Prime Day is the perfect time to get great deals through Amazon on a variety of devices, including the Apple Watch and other smart watches. Discounts on the Apple Watch may be rare but they do exist, and if you have an iPhone, it’s another great accessory to have on hand with a wide range of products offered around the world. Apple Watch history.

While the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra and the Apple Watch SE is the latest model available, there are still a lot of advantages in buying the Apple Watch Series 7 or Series 6 as they offer the same features as the Series 8 and only miss a few features. With that in mind, we’re rounding up the best Prime Day Apple Watch deals available so far.

Apple Watch Series 8 – save $70

The Apple Watch Series 8 it’s the latest version of the Apple Watch available and it’s a great device so it’s great to see it being discounted on Prime Day. There are several types of sensors on board, including a body temperature sensor, which is a good source of software watchOS 9 and it works without limitations iPhone. We’ve had the Apple Watch on our wrist since the device launched in 2015 and we love it. The Series 8 is not as bulky as the Watch Ultra and offers excellent performance.

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Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch Series 8 is a great smartwatch and even though it’s one of the newest models out there, there’s money to be made for the great Prime Day Apple Watch deals. The 41mm GPS-only model is $329, a savings of $70.

Apple Watch SE (second generation) – save $30

The Apple Watch SE (second generation) is just $219 in this Prime Day Apple Watch deal so it’s a great time to make a sale if you’ve been on the fence. The Apple Watch SE (second generation) it’s the cheapest way to get your hands on the latest version of the Apple Watch and it’s a good value too – even if you don’t have to deal too much with it. Check this one out because it won’t last long.

The best Prime Day Apple Watch deals - Apple Watch SE (2022)

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Apple Watch SE (2022)

$219 $249 Save $30

Apple’s entry-level watch is a real star, with a great design and top-notch durability. There’s a $30 discount in this Prime Day Apple Watch deal that makes it just $219.

Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch Series 7 it is worth considering because it has many features similar to the Watch Series 8, including advanced sleep tracking, which is widely used. This is the Apple Watch model we’ll be keeping an eye on as the Prime Day sale approaches as there was an amazing Prime Day Apple Watch deal on this model at Amazon recently. It saved a lot on GPS & Cellular stainless steel Series 7, which is beautiful and stylish and you don’t need your phone anymore.

The best first Prime Day Apple Watch - Apple Watch Series 7

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Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 is not the latest model but it is still a great performer. An early Prime Day Apple Watch sale that’s over now saw savings of an incredible 43 percent, with the 45mm GPS & Cellular stainless steel model costing $429. Hopefully this one will come back.

Apple Watch Ultra

There are no Prime Day Apple Watch sales on Apple Watch Ultra, and it’s unlikely we’ll see a discount on this model. It’s the top model of the Apple Watch and it’s very popular so if a deal appears, then you’ll want to grab it very quickly as sales on this model are rare.

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Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra is the Apple Watch Series 8 on steroids, plus more. It is an addition to provide a very complex and ready device without a hard case, and large, besides a large display, clear buttons and extra buttons too.

How did I pick the best Prime Day Apple Watch deals?

Apple often discounts its products so when money is removed, especially on the latest devices, it’s worth shouting about. We’ve picked out the best Apple Watch models worth buying to include the best Prime Day Apple Watch deals, though keep in mind that Prime Day doesn’t officially start until tomorrow so it’s possible some of these prices will drop significantly. We recommend the four models we’ve included at full price, however, with all the money, there’s another reason to consider them. What we can say about the Watch Series 7 is that although the combination we reviewed earlier was very good, you may not want stainless steel and you may not want GPS & Cellular either, if so, you would do well to choose. on the Watch Series 8 for more information, such as the body temperature sensor. If you are I wonder if you should buy an Apple Watch on Primewe have another section on pros and cons.

What should you consider when choosing an Apple Watch?

There are several things to consider when choosing an Apple Watch. First, make sure you have an iPhone because the Apple Watch does not work with Android devices. Then you have to choose the size you want and this varies between models. The Watch Ultra only comes in 49mm for example, while the Watch Series 8 and Series 7 come in 41mm and 45mm options. The Watch SE currently, comes in 40mm and 44mm. The fasteners are the same for all models, but there are also different finishes for all models. For example, the Watch Ultra is made from titanium and has an additional button, while the Watch Series 8 and Series 7 come in aluminum and stainless steel. The Watch SE only comes in aluminum. You also need to decide if you want GPS only or GPS & Cellular. The GPS & Cellular version allows your Apple Watch to work independently of your iPhone, but you’ll need a separate connection.

More information about Prime Day 2023 does

If the Apple Watch isn’t the only thing you get after your good luck, there are plenty of other Prime Day deals going on. We’ve compiled a list of our top Prime Day hubs below so you can hit up any that cover your content.


Q: When is Prime Day 2023?

Amazon Prime Day will take place from 11-12 July and is expected to save and discount on various products. The 48-hour event starts on 11 July at 00.01AM (GMT) and ends at 23.59PM on 12 July but there are usually promotions in the run-up to the event. Prime Day sales often offer similar deals to what we see in the Black Friday sales later in the year, though they’re exclusive to Amazon instead of going through multiple retailers. Here’s how to shop for the Prime Early Access Sale, which took place in October 2022.

Q: Are there any real sales on Prime Day?

Yes, there are real deals in Prime Day sales and you’ll often find cheaper devices that may have been around for months, although that doesn’t mean the deals will be the cheapest they’ve ever been. Other sales days like Black Friday will also see discounts on other devices. Prime Day deals are competitive though and you often get good discounts on some gear, but remember that you don’t have as long as other sales like Black Friday sales so if you see a deal then grab it. as 24 hours later the price may return to its original selling price.

Q: Should I be the Prime Minister?

You must be a premium member to take advantage of the Prime Day sale. That’s one of the caveats. If you want to get the best prices offered on Prime Day then you need to make sure you are ready to sign up. For those who don’t have a Prime membership, it’s worth checking out the free 30-day trial to try out some of the benefits you get with Amazon Prime, like free shipping, Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading and more.

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