Samsung may make a surprising return to Exynos for the Galaxy S23 FE and Galaxy S24 models


  • Pocket-lint has been told by a reliable source that Samsung is considering using its own Exynos processor on the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE and possibly the 2024 Galaxy S24 series in other parts, moving away from Snapdragon.
  • The return to Exynos hardware raises questions about whether fans will be happy.
  • Although Snapdragon may still be used in the US on the Galaxy S24, Europe is currently expected to have the Exynos version, which has previously been unpopular with some tech enthusiasts and network users.

Samsung is a few days away from its arrival the next Galaxy Unpacked eventwhere the company will announce its new products folding phones. But there are rumors circulating about several other future devices – and the rumors aren’t good.

Pocket-lint has been provided by a reliable source that says Samsung is considering going back to its upcoming Exynos-based devices. Samsung Galaxy S23 FEand a return to using Exynos in the 2024 Samsung Galaxy S24 series in other areas as well.

Our source told us that the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE will be launched in the future in 2023 – and it puts into perspective whether Samsung will continue with this series of devices – and it will have Samsung’s Exynos devices instead of Snapdragon.

It’s an interesting move from Samsung following the announcements of the Snapdragon Galaxy that helped launch the Galaxy S23 family – but it also raises the question of the FE device. The original Samsung FE phone – and S20 FE – is based on Snapdragon hardware, very fitting for the “Fan Edition” theme that gave the phone its name. Will fans be happy with the return to Exynos devices? Experience would say no.

Our source also told us that, for now, the Galaxy S24 series will also return to Exynos. In 2023, Samsung placed Snapdragon under all three Galaxy S23 models globally.

When Samsung launched the Galaxy S23 series, it was highlighted in press releases and other marketing materials that the devices will be running on the Galaxy’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, which offers a slightly higher speed than the clock. Standard Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 platform found in others competition equipment. Although many of us thought it was a multi-year deal, it seems that the global use of Snapdragon in Galaxy S devices is short-lived. Our source told us that while Snapdragon may still power the Galaxy S24 models in the US, Europe is currently on the Exynos route.

“This is a strategy that Samsung has used in the past, offering the Exynos variant to the European market, while offering Qualcomm’s solution to other markets such as the US and South Korea. The decision did not please technology enthusiasts and other network users who used to predict the good performance of the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform and there was excitement in some parts of the market for the S2 “Snapdragon” and the CMO of CCS Insight said Pocket-lint.

There may still be hope for some, as Wood also said: “I would be surprised if Samsung decided to return to Exynos in the European market, but we can see it in smaller markets to ensure that Samsung’s internal platform remains in the game. There is another element of Samsung that wants to keep Qualcomm on its toes as well, which may be what is driving the latest rumors.”

We have reached out to Samsung for a response and are awaiting a response.

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