Russia says it foiled assassination attempt on top TV personality | News of the Russian-Ukrainian war

A Moscow court indicted 7 people for the murder of two prominent journalists.

A Moscow court has indicted seven people in connection with a plot “motivated by national hatred” to kill two prominent Russian journalists, Russian news agency TASS said.

A court on Saturday ordered the detention of five children born in 2005 and 2006, and two men said they belonged to a certain group.

According to TASS, the Russian intelligence agency prevented the killing Margaret Simonyaneditor-in-chief of RTand Ksenia Sobchaka well-known journalist and TV writer.

The organization said that the Neo-Nazi group called “Article-88” conducted investigations near the houses and workplaces of journalists.

The FSB published photographs showing several suspects being arrested, and allegedly seized weapons and books about Nazism.

The Interfax news agency quoted the FSB as saying that the detainees had admitted that they were planning to attack the two women on behalf of Ukraine and had been promised a reward of $16,620 (1.5 million rubles) for each.

Simonyan, a staunch supporter of Russia’s war in Ukraine and one of the most prominent figures on state television, tweeted a message about the attack, urging security officials to “Keep working, brothers!”

Sobchak, a frequent Kremlin lobbyist, ran against Russian President Vladimir Putin in the 2018 presidential election. She is the daughter of former Saint Petersburg mayor Anatoly Sobchak, who was Putin’s adviser.

His popular YouTube channel often criticizes the government, and he has left Russia several times since the start of the conflict in Ukraine.

“If all this is true, then it is because of all the work involved in their work,” said Sobchak on the Telegraph.

“If not, and if the point was just to put me in the same sentence as Simonyan, then this is understandable,” he added.

Two prominent Russian supporters of the war, journalist Darya Dugina is a war blogger Vladlen Tatarsky, was killed in a bombing in Russia last year. Russia condemned the killings in Ukraine, while Kyiv denied it and portrayed it as evidence of Russian war.

In May, the famous Russian historian, Zakhar Prilepin, was injured by a bomb that killed his driver. Investigators said the suspect was arrested and admitted to representing Ukraine.

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