Republican Myth Shattered As Biden Leads America To Record Crude Oil Production

President Biden is leading America in domestic oil production, while at the same time giving away huge amounts of oil.

Domestic oil production is at risk by 2023:

Trump and the Republicans always falsely claim that under the President Biden, the United States does not stand alone, or that Biden has reduced oil production. The chart above shows that oil production has increased under Biden, while at the same time, a The president has made historic investments in clean energy.

Republicans have been organizing a powerful debate in the United States as either/or. Maybe the US can make more pure energy or fuel.

The correct answer has been that the US can do both. The truth is that the country is not ready to give up fossil fuels, but clean electricity generation is the future.

The United States has been independent for decades and that has continued under the Biden administration.

If the US Is Independent, Why Are Gas Prices So High?

The reason Gas prices are much higher than oil drilling in the United States does not belong to the United States. The oil is actually owned by the oil companies who put the oil on the open market for sale around the world. The United States does not have its own oil company or state-run refineries. For federal states, drill and rent to the oil companies that pay the rent and keep the proceeds.

American oil does not belong to the United States, so when Republicans tell us to drill for more oil, what they are advocating is big profits for the oil companies.

Under Joe Biden the United States is independent, making oil marks to create, and move towards a better energy future.

That’s the difference between having a power plan in place scream drill child drill and shove oil company dollars into your pockets.

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