Quality of Wear: Talking Gloves With Phillies #2 Prospect Mick Abel


Mick Abel, who was already the 15th overall pick in the 2020 MLB Draft, moved up the Phillies prospect list to #2. The 6’5″ right-hander out of Oregon has a mid-to-upper 90s fastball with the athleticism to match. Mick took some time to show off his pair of Nike SHADO Elite Js this year and answer a few questions for us.

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Abel has collected two very white players for 2023. The first is two black pieces that add a red line and blue words for children. A subtle look that came together beautifully. The second one has a gray base with black bindings, covers, and straps. The Double V website and red on the Swoosh/liner make for a winning combo.

Q and A

Q: Growing up in Oregon, what does it mean to be a Nike athlete?

Answer: “It means the world to me. I always wore Nike growing up, so I dreamed about it.”

Q: Do you put anything special on your gloves? (Someone’s name, date, Bible verse, etc.)

A: “I wrote “CP” on my gloves this year. My best friend and teammate Corey Phelan passed away during the fall after battling cancer, and this is a way to keep him with me on the field.”

Q: What’s the biggest change you’ve made since you were drafted?

Answer: “A lot of changes have become my routine on days I’m not playing. I always have to be on my own to stay healthy and in a good frame of mind.”

Q: Greatest piece of advice you would give your child?

A: “I tell myself to control what I can control on the mound. Don’t worry about what’s in your hands or the game will speed you up. ”

Make sure you show Mick some love too shoot him on IG. Tell us below any other questions you’d like to see us ask in the Talking Gear Series!


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