President Biden Smartly Uses Marjorie Taylor Greene Rant in Campaign


Fearing that nothing good would come of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s public speaking, the President’s team saw an opportunity and jumped at it.

The president said in the video: “I accept this message.” Sales:

President Biden’s ad quoted Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene as saying, “The massive investment in the economy and the environmental programs that are ending what FDR started and what LBJ and Joe expanded. Biden trying to finish. Programs to address education, health care, urban problems, rural problems, transportation, Medicare, Medicaid, labor unions, and they are still working.”

One of the many mistakes, Ms. Greene apparently left off the above list for President Biden they accuse him of creating public spending on social services that is finishing what FDR started.

No one informed Mrs. Greene that the 32nd President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, is considered one of the greatest presidents because he maintained public confidence during the Great Depression and World War II. That is, he fought the economy and the war, which are the two biggest problems that a leader can face (unless the leader says, he really wants to sell cheap Made-in-China products, crying about witch hunts. money, and cheating to win elections) .

The Republican candidate may be forgiven for not yet being informed about World War II and how it began, an inadequacy in his knowledge that may explain why he also later in this speech (not in the ad) argued against the “useless. foreign war.” Ms. Greene is one of the Republicans who could, as they say in Georgia, use a brush on the Munich Agreement.

FDR signed the Social Security Act into law on August 14, 1935. Social Security is very popular with The People.

President, Georgia Republican continued, pushing programs to eliminate education!

As I see demonstrated in this post alone, education can be very helpful in improving one’s performance.

But to be fair, some people in power seem to have a lot of money to keep the American people as ignorant and uneducated as possible, so that America can come last. Many years after Russia. Indeed, few have worked hard to keep America from treating the world race as disrespectful Trumpet sycophant.

Mrs. Greene has a tendency to use theories of conspiracy and revenge, without worrying about the need to seek reality or truth. Sometimes when called upon to answer for the terrible lies he has told, he blames the world for not telling him he was wrong. How did he know? He is surprised. Rightfully so. How would he know.

Ms. Greene also criticized President Biden for working on health care, rural and urban issues.

If you are wondering if Georgians need medical help, rural problems or rural problems, the answer is no, thank you! They have everything they need. Never mind that state governments receive subsidies from the federal government for these so-called “programs” that Ms. Greene hates.

States get that money for Medicaid, education, and more. You know, health care and transportation. Bad software. Some, like Ms. Greene, call it “socialism” to scare people for the sake of protecting people.

The Georgia Republican has nothing but disdain for President Joe Biden’s career, but that’s to be expected. You see, Mrs. Greene doesn’t understand what she’s being paid to do, so it’s natural for her to see someone like President Biden doing a real job and wonder what’s wrong with him.

If President Biden would actually do as Greene is asking and stop funding these programs to his government, all we can ask is this: ‘Please, Mr. President, tell ’em Marge sent ya’.


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