Oscar Piastri reflects on the ‘crazy’ journey from karting to McLaren

When Oscar Piastri when he was 13, he shared his excitement on Instagram for scoring $500 for winning a karting race.

Less than a decade later, the young racing gun from Melbourne is said to be pulling in $750,000 in his first year as a McLaren. Formula 1 the driver.

He can’t believe it

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“Nine years ago he won $500 worth of junior karting to now become a professional driver in Formula 1 – it’s crazy how quickly things happen to you,” Piastri told 9News in London, where he was watching Wimbledon following the British Grand Prix. .

“It’s been a lot of hard work, a lot of dedication, big decisions to make.

“I left home when I was 14 years old and I have lived in another part of the world since then.

“It doesn’t come without giving up a few things, but I think going to Formula 1 early on made it worth it.”

The 22-year-old enjoyed a superb weekend at the British Grand Prix, qualifying third to secure the title. well-suited job-resultsbefore we reach it work-best fourth place on Sunday.

He made up most of the time in the third race, but unfortunately a defensive car time saw him fall behind Lewis Hamilton.

“Now, after Silverstone I don’t want to be at the front,” said Piastri.

“We can’t repeat this every weekend. But to have that opportunity before – it just makes it all worth it and validates everything you’ve worked for the last 12 years.”

Piastri ‘very lucky’ to miss F1 podium

The British Grand Prix was another success for Piastri’s McLaren teammate, with Lando Norris finishing second.

“We bought a lift for Lando’s car in Austria and I had to test it at Silverstone and he did well,” said Piastri.

“Having that opportunity to be at the front of the F1 10 races in my career was very special, and yes, qualifying third was very special.

“Fourth was a little bitter-sweet as we had three long runs in the race… .

“It was a good result for the whole team and for me too, to put a clean week together, and to know that I can match Lando and fight with the guys at the front and it’s a confidence booster.”

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