Ontraport 2023 Review: The Best All-In-One Platform?

What are the Disadvantages of Ontraport CRM?

Ontraport isn’t a great platform, and there are some great CRM features that could use a change.

  • First of all, there is no free plan – This can be a barrier to entry for startups and SMBs without a big budget. While this isn’t all that confusing, there are plenty of options on the market that offer free plans with the same features as Ontraport’s basic plans.
  • It can be expensive with many contacts – Ontraport pays more based on the number of contacts you make. If you’re an SMB that manages multiple relationships across multiple platforms, Ontraport can add up without even realizing it. Be sure to use their price calculator before signing up to see exactly how much you’ll pay.

Ontraport Integrations

When it comes to being able to combine your favorite platforms all in one place, Ontraport brings home the bacon.

The best thing about the CRM platform is that it divides the integrations into different categories (picture below).

Ontraport CRM Review - Integration

Some of these collective groups are:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Forms
  • Help desk
  • Download pages
  • Shipping and fulfillment

In addition, Ontraport offers integration with Zapier, allowing for more than 5,000 integrations.

At Bonfire for Small Businesses, we swear by Slack for most of our team communications. So, naturally, we were excited to learn that we can integrate Ontraport with Slack in minutes (using Zapier).

What’s great about Slack and Ontraport is that it allowed us to do this every time a new form is filled out:

  • Set the status
  • Enable notifications
  • Send messages
  • Invite users to our channel

This meant that when we handled the cow, we were covered – so that no customers fell through the cracks.

All in all, Ontraport offers impressive native integrations as well as thousands of interesting third-party solutions.

How to Get Started with Ontraport CRM

Getting started with Ontraport CRM was a lot of fun.

First, we landed on the home page, where we were greeted with a call to action (CTA) to get started with Free 14-day trial.

We started right away and clicked free trial button.

Ontraport CRM Review - Home Page

Next, we filled in a few fields, including name and email (shown below).

Ontraport CRM Review - The Basics

Next, we created a secure password and were on our way to testing the platform.

From there, we were inspired by a nice little picture that allowed us to decide what to sell.

The options offered were:

  • Divisions or roles
  • Access to content or services
  • Project work
  • Events
  • Physical products
  • Other

Ontraport CRM Review - Frequently Asked Questions

Then we were asked about the staff and the number of people we had. When we import contacts from SBB while testing these platforms, we tend to order about 10k to test your contact performance and CRM pricing..

Ontraport CRM Review - Getting Started

Then, we were sent a confirmation email, which only took one click, and we were confirmed!

The last step was to fill in details such as the business link, address, and phone number.

After registration, we were able to easily:

  • Adding contacts
  • Creating interesting motion pictures
  • Track our sales worldwide

Is Ontraport CRM Easy to Use?

Getting started with Ontraport at the Small Business Bonfire was a breeze, and we’re not just blowing hot air!

From signing up to launching our first campaign to building and operating a complex system, the whole process was smooth and useless. There is no learning curve in the Ontraport system.

We really liked their detailed training and detailed instructions that made us feel like we had a CRM guru guiding us along the way.

Does Ontraport Have a Mobile App?

Yes, Ontraport has a mobile app available for iOS and Android.

For our Ontraport review, we downloaded the app on iOS and got started!

With this program, we were able to easily achieve the following:

  • Daily activities
  • Contacts
  • Work
  • Favorites
  • Support center

This is what our mobile view looks like.

Ontraport CRM Review - Mobile View

At Bonfire for Small Businesses, we think it’s important for a CRM platform to have a mobile app that you can use to take your business on the go.

Fortunately, Ontraport offers this without fail! This app made it easy to manage our daily activities while abroad.

Ontraport CRM Customer Reviews

In our full Ontraport CRM review, we couldn’t help but be impressed with them a good example for customers.

We test a CRM software by reaching out to their support team with a simple question about Slack integration.

And let me tell you, their response blew us away! Within secondswe received a detailed response from their support team that addressed the issue.

In all of our testing, we never encountered any issues with their client, let alone any issues with their platform.

So if you are looking for a CRM that is supported by a large customer base, then this is it Ontraport is undoubtedly the way to go!

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