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The fateful election on September 26, 2021 in Berlin has to be rescheduled (screenshot rbb)

Germany’s federal election is due to be held across the city of Berlin, according to the Christian Democrat party, after a repeat of regional elections in February brought down a left-wing mayor and city government.

The German Bundestag elections on September 26, 2021 were met with many mistakes, according to conservative magazines. Tichy’s note is independent Marcel Luther it was confirmed after half a year of gumshoe police investigation. More than 20 employees counted the votes and saw them with papers, which showed that they were not accurate, and some governments report exactly the same in all their polling stations, up to one hundredth of the vote. percent.

On Nov. 16, 2022 Berlin Supreme Court The midterm elections need to be repeated. New local elections on Feb. 12, 2023 led to the collapse of the left-wing city government with the Mayor, and the center-right and conservative Mayor on April 27.

Now, the German Supreme Court must decide whether to repeat the Federal elections only in 431 polling stations, as the left-wing Scholz government wants, or in all of Berlin, as the Christian Democrats want.

“Voters have to stand in line for hours and are often sent home without voting.” They vote in municipal, regional and federal elections at the same time, so it is difficult to see why the local elections should be repeated in the whole city, but the federal election only in 431 polling stations, as the Federal government wants, “Ulrich. Vosgerau wrote on Tichy’s note.

The re-election would affect the composition of the current Bundestag, as the former Left Communist Party only received three seats in parliament as a result of its results in Berlin.

Don’t forget: YouTube has announced that it will stop everything that he “asks the polls” before the German elections on September 26, 2021.

The Washington Post he praised the German elections in 2021 and saw “acceptance of the results … unlike America”, as Gateway Pundit rto be sent. WaPo’s Ishaan Tharoor called the “decline” in Germany “exacerbated by the anger of former President Donald Trump, who did not want to give up his defeat in November 2020,” accusing Trump of “spreading falsehoods and casting doubt on the integrity of the American political system.” ” It was “some on the far right of German politics who protested against the wrongdoing,” Tharoor said.


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