Neo-Nazis are terrified of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s conspiracy theories. of antisemitic COVID-19


In his opinion, conspiracy theorist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. they are all competing for the position of president and they say they get angry if someone says that they have joined the Nazi party. In fact, Kennedy’s presidential run is very interesting – and Asa do white people, nazis, and other anti-semitic groups like this man. And why didn’t they, while he continues to promote their favorite claims of conspiracy?

You may remember, unfortunately, the recent Kennedy dinner in New York City that, as Page Five reported, “he descended into a terrible scream and fainting spell,” which sounds like a lot of Steve Bannon stuff but what do we know. It was where Kennedy was he adopted the theory that COVID-19 was “humanly controlled.”

“COVID 19. There’s an argument that it’s a species. COVID-19 attacks other species disproportionately,” Kennedy said. “Covid-19 wants to attack Caucasians and black people. The most protected people are Ashkenazi Jews and China.”

“We don’t know if it was intentional or not, but there are papers that show racial or ethnic disparities,” Kennedy said.

This was another reiteration of Kennedy’s claim that China and the US have both been “developing nuclear weapons,” and that they are “collecting Russian DNA, collecting Chinese DNA” to do so, and how antisemitic you can think of it from afar. The right is having a lot of fun with Kennedy’s latest burps. Neo-Nazis, Holocaust deniers, and other critics he hailed it as “100% accurate” and “probably the greatest thing he’s ever said.”

This is not really surprising since Kennedy is talking about neo-Nazis to begin with. Since the beginning of this pandemic, the same whackjobs who believe they are “Jews” have been responsible for this global phenomenon. willingness to come up with excuses why “Jews” are the ones who created the new deadly plague or the new vaccine to help protect the world from them. This is because they are dirty bags.

But Kennedy has focused his entire recent career on listening to and appealing to dirtbags, so there was little chance he wouldn’t share the same sentiments.

Frankly, Kennedy is an idiot. In general, to be sure, but mostly about this. If anything, studies show that the Jewish community has been disproportionately harmed by COVID. Kennedy’s claim that those from China were similarly spared seems to stem from Kennedy’s willingness to trust the Chinese government. limited readings about the death toll, which would mean that Kennedy is now willing to believe even what the Chinese government says rather than actual scientists. If that doesn’t sum up the whole anti-vaccine conspiracy whackjob, I don’t know what will.

Kennedy’s statement here, is not only compatible with the Nazi groups that follow their ideology. For years, Kennedy has stuck to the far right as his base of support, and Republican donors have been giving him money to keep it that way.

Judd Legum has a new report on fundraising and says “the lion’s share of Kennedy’s major donors in the past have given exclusively to Republicans.”

Through June 30, the Kennedy campaign has collected $6,600, from 96 people. Of that group, 37 people have previously only given to Republican candidates for public office. Only 19 have a record of consistently supporting Democratic nominees. The rest have no history of giving (30), have given to all party members (8), or have supported Libertarian or other candidates (2).

This is not surprising because Kennedy is keen to promote his own A constantly changing plot on antisemitic and white supremacist sites like Gabor Michael Flynn promoting fascism and his “ReAwaken America” ​​tour..

They also have the chance to pardon the wrongdoer Steve Bannon and the revolutionary Donald Trump himself. He has been speaking about his attack to the House Republican committee on government “weapons” and Not Republicans, at the invitation of Jim Jordan, the sex worker.

Kennedy polling station may be available neo-Nazis, antisemites, and anti-vaccine QAnon whackadoosbut his strengthThe base seems to be mostly Republicans who are known for breaking the law. Kennedy himself fell into the category of “Republicans doing wrong”, with his anti-vaccination group “Children’s Health Defense”. giving $50,000 illegally to the Republican Attorneys General Association.

It would be interesting to know how Kennedy kept repeating the most disgusting conspiracy theories against the people of the Nazis, but the answer may be simple. They live in all the places where anti-Semites gather; maybe he was told this backstage before or after one of his many appearances, many promoters with right-wing groups selling such claims, and his brain, which was already plugged into every other conspiracy theory the world has to offer, thought it made sense. enough to repeat.


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