Nancy Pelosi Says Kevin McCarthy And House Republicans Look Sad

Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi said Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans look sad as they allow Trump to be their puppet.

Pelosi said when asked on CNN’s State Of The Union about the Republicans and the removal of Trump’s mistakes, “The president was impeached because we had no choice. He compromised our national security and endangered our national life. I was very careful not to bring any criticism. But when the president made that call about Ukraine, there was no choice. We had no choice. He should be impeached. Kevin is playing politics. It is not clear if he can remove those things according to the rules. If he wants to put his members in place, his members are in difficult races immediately, then the election, what they should do. But this is not a position. This is not about the flag still being there. This is about fear. As I said before, Donald Trumpet it’s a toy and what do they always do but shine light on strings, these people look sad.


There have been murmurs and side comments that Donald Trump is, in fact, driving the thinking of most House Republicans. McCarthy is called an empty suit. It is Trump who is pushing the House investigation Biden. It is Trump who wants House Republicans to solve the Russia problem. It is Trump who wants his crimes to end.

Donald Trump has no interest in the day-to-day operations of the House because Trump has never wanted to rule in any way, but rather he is steering the House Republican ship of nothingness.

After years of skillful governance from Pelosi and House Democrats, the state of the House majority is miserable. Nor does it serve the American people.

The cords will not be cut, so the American people must reject the puppetmaster.

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