My little neighbor ‘Karen’ built a fence to separate our barns – people say I should build a 10ft privacy fence


PETTY homeowners have sparked outrage online after they were caught building a fence to separate their neighbour’s rubbish.

The long queue between residents has continued social media after the man recorded their argument on his CCTV cameras.


CCTV footage shows an officer searching the warehouseCredit: TikTok/@kingbo0tzy
He then chats amicably with his neighbor as he negotiates a deal


He then chats amicably with his neighbor as he negotiates a dealCredit: TikTok/@kingbo0tzy
'Petty neighbor' visits the barn at dawn


‘Petty neighbor’ visits the barn at dawnCredit: TikTok

TikToker @Kingbo0tzy also referred to his neighbor as “Karen” when he called her the police looking to violate the man’s boundaries.

The video showed a police officer checking the front yards of both houses – who then interacted with the man.

The officer seems to be upset with the woman for wasting her time but eventually leaves after trying to negotiate.

He said: “They called the police.”

“I have a friend of Karen’s.”

He then posted another video that shows the woman looking to check on her savings early in the morning.

He said: “I moved my garbage to the new part of the fence that they built.

“I think he wasn’t happy about it and it must be eating at him because he just went out at 3 in the morning to see where it was going.”

The video has more than 280,000 views – with concerned viewers advising the man to build his own 10ft privacy fence.

“Put up a privacy fence so they can’t touch or see your cans,” a TikTok user said.

“I would build a sixth wall… I hope you find peace soon,” another added.

“This Karen guy … I couldn’t stand it,” the second said.

“I’m building a 10ft privacy fence right now,” said another.

Sad neighbor disputes have hit the internet and sparked more divisive arguments.

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