Melania Trump Caught in Six Photos of Super PAC Grift


A PAC linked to Donald Trump paid for his wife Melania Trumpet $155,000 for a design consultation, which includes a selection of flowers and tableware for a dinner party.

The New York Times said:

Instead, the super PAC report showed two contributions, $125,000 and $30,000, to “Designer’s Management Agency,” which lists Ms. Trump as a customer on his website. The payments were made on Dec. 2 and 3 Dec. 2021; In a new disclosure, Mr. Trump also said that Mrs. Trump was paid $155,000 on Dec. 2, 2021.

A representative of the new group, who declined to be named, said Mrs. Trump was hired through her organization to “make ideas” for the super PAC dinner and that her duties included selecting tableware, arranging the arrangements and picking the flowers. arrangements. The representative said the amount was $125,000, and the second payment of $30,000 was for additional services provided from the first contract.

The PAC that paid for Melania Trump is different than the PAC that was started based on the big lie that the 2020 election was rigged. The leadership of Save America PAC is currently under federal investigation for possible fraud.

As Donald Trump’s business fortunes plummet, he and his family have turned to political donations to raise money. Melania Trump is not a designer or consultant. As first lady, Melania Trump’s legacy includes destroying the White House Rose Garden and complaining about non-delivery af–k about Christmas.

How Melania Trump is paid is similar The Trump family allegedly stole money from the presidential inauguration committee.

He is against what appears to be all of Trump’s older family members at risk.


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