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  • Dennis Rodman is often considered the best forward in NBA history
  • The New Jersey native won five NBA rings before retiring in 2000
  • He received three children and two wives

Dennis RodmanHis life away from the basketball court has been very interesting as when he was known as the “Bad Boy” of the NBA. Before retiring in 2000 with five championship rings and the unofficial title of “Best rebounding forward in NBA history” (per The cost of SBNation), Dennis donated $100 to the homeless of Detroit, missed the opening ceremony because he was getting his hair done and wearing a wedding dress for his own wedding in 1996. Rain.

Dennis Rodman is a father of three children. (Larry Ramano/Shutterstock)

Her love life has also been a bit all over the place. Before dating both of them Madonna and Carmen ElectraDennis married his first wife Annie Banksand he received the daughter Alexis. It is his third wife, Michelle Moyergave birth to a son, Dennis Jr. and another daughter, Trinity. However, the athlete admitted that he was not always playing his A game as a father.

In 2019, before releasing his ESPN documentary, Rodman: Good or BadDennis to be revealed his “big demon” is “trying to convince himself” that he is a “good father.” He said The cost of ESPN at that time, “It’s difficult for me. It is very difficult for me to stop this habit. It’s one of those things that I’ve never had anyone else do [be a dad] for me and sometimes I think, ‘Why am I doing this to someone else?'”

Recently, the basketball icon has made changes to reconcile his failure with his ancestors. Learn all about his three children, how he responded to his father’s do-over and where he stands with the NBA’s former “Bad Boy,” below.


On Sept. 28, 1988, Dennis and Annie welcomed their only child, daughter Alexis. While the couple were on the move, they married in September 1992 but divorced 82 days later. In 2013, Dennis said he saw 24-year-old Alexis for the first time in “years.” Oprah: Where Is She Now?.

The NBA icon seems to be in Alexis’ life after many years when he welcomed his first child, a son Vincentand her husband, Robert Bunfillwhom she married in 2014. “Wow, I congratulate my son Alexis and her husband on the birth of their first child: Vincent!,” Dennis tweeted in June 2017. “I can’t believe I’m a Grandpa!” Alexis doesn’t seem to have an Instagram account as of now.


Trinity entered the world on May 20, 2002, welcomed by her parents, Dennis and her then-girlfriend, Michelle Moyer. The couple married in May 2003, but did not raise the Trinity together. “We won’t be together,” Dennis told a Los Angeles Times after his marriage to Michelle. “I like it that way.” He and the children come on weekends.”

Michelle divorced in 2004, but the couple remained legally married until 2012, when they divorced again.

“Having a father like me, no one asks about my mother because she’s obviously not an NBA star,” Trinity. he said The Guardian in 2021. “But I just want people to know that my mother has always supported me in everything in life… She is a very strong woman. She is my role model.”

Currently, Utatu has been making a name for himself in football. The talented player began her career in the National Women’s Soccer League after being selected as the second round in 2021 at the age of 18. And in his first game, the young athlete scored a goal for his Washington Spirit team – and made history by becoming the youngest American to score a goal in league history. And now he is playing in US World Cup!

Although he shares amazing athletic genes with his famous father, Trinity’s relationship with him has not been very strong. “I go months or years without his presence or communication,” Trinity he said on Instagram in November 2021. “We don’t have the best relationship, but at the end of the day he’s human and I’m human…he’s my father, and I’m his little one and that’s never going to change.”

A year later, Trinity revealed that they are fine with their appearance. “I’ve been shutting it all down,” he said Los Angeles Times. “I know he is proud of me. I really do. He has his own things but in the end he told me that he knows I’ll be here, and that’s all I need. “

Dennis Jr. “DJ”

Dennis and Michelle welcomed their first child together, son Dennis “DJ” Jr., on April 25, 2001. DJ had to hit the basketball court and he did it in a big way. In May 2019, DJ announced the entertainment Instagramannounced his commitment to play college basketball at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, beginning in the 2019-2020 season.

Fast forward four years to May 2023, and he let the world know he was changing his path by transferring to the University of Southern California to join the Trojans. The good news is that they have contacted them Bronny, the eldest son of an NBA legend LeBron James. It’s a big move for both players, and fans are eagerly waiting to see them perform together.

Meanwhile, DJ hasn’t been afraid to open up about being raised by single mom Michelle. On Father’s Day in June 2020, he she shared an Instagram post to him, who said he “played father and mother figures” throughout his life. “Happy Father’s Day to those who help me grow into the man I am today and play father and mother figures all my life❤️.”

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