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Atlanta doesn’t have to be big because every time one of the women goes A real Atlanta mom starts dating a new person, viewers find out that the man has been in a relationship, had an affair with, had an affair with or entered another member’s DMs. At the beginning of the season, Kenya Moore revealed it Sheree Whitfieldhusband of, Martel Holt, after he sent her a private message on Instagram, and this week, we learned the same thing. But at this point, it had nothing to do with Shereé or Martel. Instead, it involved Kenya’s new girlfriend, Roy Shlomo.

Ralph Pittman they organized a breakfast before the group left for Portugal, and most of the women brought their husbands or boyfriends. Marlo also appeared with her new boo. The Kenyan man was out of town, so he couldn’t attend the party, but he surprised her with a FaceTime call. While doing this, Kenya turned the phone over so Roi could say hello to all the ladies, and that’s when Marlo excitedly revealed that she knew Roi – she said they had an affair. When Kenya moved the phone to another room, Marlo told the women that Roi had accessed her DMs in Oct. 2018 and they went together.

Then, when Kenya returned to the room – after calling Roi – Sanya Richards-Ross asked Kenya how she felt about Marlo dating Roi, and Kenya said she already knew. He said Roi told him before Marlo told the group, and he didn’t care. They only traveled for one day, Kenya said that this day helped Roi to know what he does not want in a woman. But what everyone found most interesting was that Kenya didn’t care that her husband went into one of her pre-dating DMs, yet she made a big deal about Martel going into her pre-dating DMs. Sheree.

But Roi wasn’t the only familiar face at Ralph’s party – Courtney Rhodes brought back the baby’s father, Bruce Wilson, and half of the cast is already with him. Kenya is Drew Sidor they both did two different movies with him, while Kandi worked with him in the music business.

As we said, Atlanta must be very small. And that’s why the team went to Portugal this week. Shereé planned a trip so that everyone could heal their bodies and their friends, but that was not easy. Mainly because Shereé still has a grudge against Drew about everyone He and Shereé’s weapons were returned after being gifted to them in the season 14 reunion. Drew apologized to Shereé for what he said about the gear six weeks before the trip to Portugal, but Shereé may not have finished as he said, or he was just trying to understand the story, because he brought it out during the group. first meal in Portugal, and things got so heated that Drew burst into tears. So much for healing, right?

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