Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann Call Off Divorce

It seems that Kim Zolciak,45 and Kroy Biermann, 37, have settled on fixing their marriage instead of separating. It has just been saved court documents is said to be explaining Kim’s request to drop her divorce petition, at TMZ.

TMZ he said Kroy also sued. However, PEOPLE reports that his removal is still in the works but is coming, through him a lawyer’s comment to Fun Tonight.

“Yes, the parties are rejecting the divorce and reconciliation,” Attorney Marlys Berstrom told ET.

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The reconciliation comes two months after the couple separated on April 30 — the date Zolciak listed in her complaint. However, both filed for divorce in May. At the time, Kim’s divorce doctors said their marriage had “unexpectedly broken down without any hope of reconciliation.”

Both reportedly asked to keep their four young children alone. Kroy also asked for legal custody.

Then, days before the verdict, Kim and Kroy gathered their young children to church. The videos show the couple together with their four children, Kroy Jagger (KJ), Kash Kade, Kaia Rose, and Kane Ren.

In his story, almost two years after Zolciak and Kroy got married in November 2011, the former NFL player adopted daughters Kim, Brielle and Ariana. Following news of the divorce petition, 21-year-old Ariana she posted a selfie on his Instagram Story, the words, “God is so good.”

According to PEOPLE, Fulton County Superior Court offered Kim “removed without prejudice to answer and objection.” However, they retained the right to renew in the future.

“They get along and end the divorce. They are trying to help the children,” the source said PEOPLE.

Kim Zolciak & Kroy Biermann Summary

At the beginning of their relationship, things seemed to be difficult for the couple. Kroy and Kim’s business was placed in the spotlight—from a IRS debt report up to $1 million in defamation lawsuits against each other.

Both of them have written their statements against each other in letters which have already been obtained by TMZ. Zolciak said Kroy has a habit of smoking weed that worries her for the safety of their children. She asked her then husband to commit to a group of hair products.

Meanwhile, the former athlete said his wife they have online gambling and “compulsive” games of chance. He also said that his alleged addiction caused financial problems in their family and prevented him from raising their children.

Kroy asked Kim to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to determine what was possible “The causes of mental illness such as depression, anxiety, personality disorders, bipolar disorder or ADHD.”

Despite the divorce, Kim said they continued to live together as a couple in Georgia.

As of Friday evening, the couple had not spoken about the layoffs on television.

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