Kevin McCarthy admits that Jim Jordan’s state committee tools were designed to save Trump


Speaker Kevin McCarthy admitted that the real reason Jim Jordan’s Weaponization of Government committee was created was to save Trump.

McCarthy said on Fox News when asked how the House would react to Jack Smith’s impeachment of Trump as part of the 1/6 investigation, “One thing we can do is continue to show the two American courts I mean. , if you are part of the Biden family Inc you are taken care of in one way everyone else has been treated differently every time (in the past) when President Trump went to the polls he supported him. he created an anti-arms committee because we’re following this is wrong tomorrow.”


Speaker McCarthy said loudly. The Senate Armed Services Committee was not an investigation into abuses of government power. The committee always had only one goal to keep Donald Trumpet he was released from prison before the end of the 2024 presidential election.

Whistleblowers, as Republicans call them, are liars. They are on the payroll of Trump allies.

The House Republicans did not come up with a single piece of credible evidence against the President Bidennor did they come up with any evidence of any wrongdoing done to Donald Trump.

All the pretense the Republicans use is designed to hide the fact that they are using their House majority to protect Donald Trump.


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