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Cake Palmerthe husband of Darius Jackson admitted that she felt “pressure” to make him “fit,” while discussing the struggles of their relationship on a new episode of her podcast, Baby, this is Keke Palmer. This article was written before it made headlines to object to the garment The 29-year-old actress wore it last week, but it was only published on Tuesday. It comes back after receiving theirs first child, Leo, together in Feb.

“At first, it was difficult because everything can be so overwhelming. It was really overwhelming and scary at first,” Darius said about going public with their relationship. “It was,” he admitted.

Keke and Darius on the last trip. (ThatsTough / BACKGRID)

“And it’s like, you just feel like you need to be perfect,” she said. “And so, it really messed me up and got into my mind because not only do I have to hold myself to that perfect level, but I also have to maintain a normal level. So, every moment of wrong on my part or on your part was World War III because it’s like…”

“- And now the world is watching us,” Keke answered before agreeing saying, “That’s right.” Keke also talked about the stress on his mind. “It’s very difficult, because we are very proud and there are things that we want to share … good job in doing this,” he explained.

Keke Palmer, Darius Jackson
Keke and Dariyo welcomed their son in Feb. (ThatsTough / BACKGRID)

That stress may be one of the reasons Darius said about the black dress that Keke wore when she attended Usher’s concert in Las Vegas, NV last week. “It’s the dress tho.. you ladies,” she wrote while reposting a video of the new mom at the event. After receiving a lot of backlash for his comment, he he defended himself in the following tweet.

“We are living in an age where a married man does not want a wife and mother to her children to show off her cheek to please others and is told that she is too sweet. This is my family & my symbol. I have good values ​​and morals for what I believe in. I will rest my guilt, ” it read.

Keke also seemed to answer in a mumbled manner send a video and his son who captioned it, “One thing is for sure and one thing is true, IM A MOTHA, over and over! 😍.” He too he started other “I Can” ads.

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