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New ladies a Real Housewives of New York City (without disease Brynn Whitfield) visited The Hamptons on the July 23 episode of the series. Erin Lychee he invited everyone to stay at his house, so that’s what he did. And obviously, it was a lot of fun. Not only Jessel Tank revealing that she and her husband haven’t had sex in over a year, but both eat caviar on Pringles potato chips.

However, the most interesting revelation came from the lips of Jenna Lyonswhen he remembered the time he learned that he was attracted to women and how they came out. At a group meeting, Jenna tells the women that their wedding is Vincent Maze he was “falling”, when he went to eat with a gay friend. Jenna wanted to know about homosexuality, so she asked her friend about it, and after hearing everything, she “felt hot” and “wanted to kiss him”. After that, everything changed for him. Jenna and her boyfriend weren’t really kissing, but they started having sex in her dreams. Jenna, now 55, was 40 at the time, and was unhappy, so she divorced and began to explore her newfound sexuality.

Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t something he could do in private. Jenna was the chief creative officer and president of J.Crew from 2010 to April 2017, so she was, and is, a public figure. And because of this, “he was upset with New York Post“. Jenna said she had dinner with a woman, and although she “didn’t do anything” that seemed too romantic, it caught the attention of the media. And when Jenna returned to work, she was asked to join a meeting with the CEO of J.Crew, the head of the company, and PR. NY Post. The Send it he tells Jenna that he found out about “seeing a woman”, so he asks if she wants to “confirm or deny” what he said.

Jenna was “going through a divorce”, but she hadn’t told her mother, her brother, any of her family, or anyone at work about her newly discovered sexuality because she “didn’t know” what she was doing. He had only been in a relationship with the woman for three weeks, however, he “confirmed” what he said.

“Even though it was really painful and probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through, I’m still thankful for how gracious everyone in the office was. Everyone was amazing. Not just my mom, but everyone else,” Jenna said in her private statement.

He also told the women he is currently dating, but did not reveal who they are. He said that person did not want to be on the show and wanted to respect that.

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