Jamie Raskin Destroys Trump’s Opinion on Trial Delay


The head of the House Oversight Committee who is also a law professor Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) blasted the idea that Trump should have his impeachment delayed until after the election.

Raskin said on MSNBC’s Inside with Jen Psaki:

I don’t think there should be any delay in the current trial. Otherwise, any defendant in this country can claim to be the president, senate, house, or mayor and say you can’t prosecute me if you prosecute me a year after the election.

Think of it this way. If someone is seeking status and then is involved in murder or rape, or armed robbery, what can we say, no? We are going to say that until after the election and before it happens, they should be treated the same as anyone else who would do the same. There have been hundreds of charges against people for the crimes that happened on January 6. Why should they be special?

Raskin’s video:

Rep. Raskin was there. Why should Donald Trump get special treatment? If they are given special treatment, does this mean that everyone can use politics to delay prosecution? This idea is absurd and against the democratic process of the country and the concept of justice.

The only reason Trump started his recent presidential campaign when he did is because he is trying to avoid impeachment.

If the judges allow the accused to avoid division by misusing the electoral process, it will cause serious damage to the country.

Donald Trump is not unique. His term as president is over, he has become a private citizen, who is as deserving of abuse as anyone else, and therefore should not be given special consideration until after the 2024 election.


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