Jamie Raskin And Dan Goldman Insult James Comer


Members of the House Oversight Committee Reps. Jamie Raskin and Dan Goldman are asking the committee to investigate whether they were duped by Biden’s ex-Presidential witness James Comer.

Raskin (D-MD) and Goldman (D-NY) wrote to other members of the Oversight Committee:

It looks like Mr. Luft is looking for a “whistleblower” from you to protect himself from prosecution as he escapes justice. Worse, this latest news also raises concerns that Mr. Luft may interfere with your investigation not only for his own personal interests but also to further the CCP’s efforts to undermine US security and the President of the United States.

These recent revelations raise many concerns about the credibility and motivations of some of the so-called whistleblowers that Congressional Republicans have come to rely on to support their baseless and baseless claims. It is unfortunate that Luft’s role is seriously undermining the integrity of the hard work of whistleblowers in this body. We also note that you have refused to share any documents or information you received from Mr. Luft with the Oversight Committee Democrats. Given your public acceptance of Mr. Luft’s information, there is no reasonable reason for you to withhold from the Committee Democrats any information that Mr. Luft has provided to the Committee, including everything that made you think that he is a “reliable witness” despite the fact that he is accused and fugitive from justice.

In order to protect the credibility of Congress and to assure the American people that the CCP is not using the Republican investigation as a means of undermining the United States government, we urge you to begin an investigation into whether the Committee was inadvertently deceived. and Mr. Luft to further the interests of the CCP, and false statements made by Mr. Luft to members of Congress or Congressional staff. In addition, we ask that you promptly provide the Democrats on the Committee with all the materials and information provided by Mr. Luft to the Committee.

How is the chairman of the committee unable to get his colleagues to investigate whether he was deceived by a fugitive or not?

Comer has been a disgrace since Republicans took back the House, and became chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

Rep. Comer seems to be operating under the assumption that reality doesn’t matter. If he can make enough accusations, in the end, something will stick to President Biden and help Trump win the 2024 elections. I have been talking about national politics since 2004, and I do not remember that a request like this was made by the congressional committee of its chairman.

If Comer had any shame, he would be shamed. He is standing with a fugitive who has committed crimes against the United States.

Rep. Comer is either delusional or corrupt, both of which should disqualify him from being chairman of the Board of Directors.


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