Jack Smith Now Has Rudy Giuliani’s Pages About The Trump Coup

Rudy Giuliani had his old friend Bernie Kerik working for him on a conspiracy against Trump, and now Kerik has turned over thousands of documents to Jack Smith.

CNN said:

Former New York Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik was part of a team led by Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani trying to uncover fraud that could swing the election in Trump’s favor.

For several months, Kerik tried to hide some of the documents from investigators, citing his privilege.

But in recent weeks, Kerik submitted the documents to Trump’s 2024 campaign for review. After a review, the campaign declined to claim the opportunity, according to Kerik’s attorney, Tim Parlatore, who filed documents with Smith’s office Sunday.

“I have shared all these documents, about 600MB, mostly pdfs, with the Special Counsel and I expect to have them on the floor in about two weeks to discuss it.” Parlatore said.

The 1/6 committee didn’t get anywhere with Kerik, but Jack Smith has documents including an investigation and witness statements related to a conspiracy to topple Trump in 2020.

Giuliani He didn’t receive a letter of inquiry for Jack Smith’s investigation, but he met Smith on his own accord. Kerik is expected to be questioned by prosecutors next month.

Smith’s possession of the documents is another sign that federal prosecutors will be able to piece together almost the entire story of the Trump experiment that has been told so far. The 1/6 committee did a great job built by the Department of Justice, but the DOJ has more tools and resources to find answers.

Donald Trumpet appears to be in legal jeopardy for the 1/6 investigation. The people behind this attack are talking to the authorities, and one person they are talking to is Donald J. Trump.

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