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James Roe, from Naas, Co. Kildare, Ireland, grew up in a driving family. At the age of 15, he decided to start a racing career.

Although he was a latecomer to the game, James quickly developed his skills on the track, even saving up to buy his first race car. His success came quickly as he dominated the podiums and broke course records in the UK and Ireland.

However, he longed for something bigger. Although he was accepted to study mechanical engineering at the Dublin Institute of Technology, James Roe he decided to stop accepting the support of his family, and decided to chase his dream of racing. While James was preparing for his trip to Ireland, he had the opportunity to start a run in America.

With only two bags, little money, and an unwavering desire, James arrived alone in America in 2018. His first season was very successful, marked by victories and lap records, which earned him the title of Rookie Driver of the Year.

In the United States, James has captured his passion, slowly climbing the ranks of American motorsports. He has won at famous circuits such as VIR, Road America, and Watkins Glen. In 2023, he will compete in Indy NXT ™ by the Firestone Series, the final stepping stone to IndyCar, which brings him closer to fulfilling his lifelong dream.

James Roe in 2023

After a successful performance at Road America, Irish driver James Roe is determined to continue his rise in competition at Iowa Speedway. With five top ten finishes, Roe is tied for the most in this year’s Firestone INDY NXT™. This consistent performance has earned him 147 points and placed him eighth in the championship. Roe’s success is due to the support of its partners, including Topcon, CES Power, Strong Roots, Ring Power Corporation, The Ireland Funds, and GAAPP.

The upcoming race at Iowa Speedway presents an exciting betting opportunity for motorsport fans. Irish driver James Roe, representing the No. 29 Topcon Andretti Autosport, is ready to show its skills on this challenging circuit. With its steep turns, challenging corners, and tight racing ribbon, Iowa Speedway tests even the most experienced drivers.

Fortunately, Roe is no stranger to the famous track, having earned a career-best 13th place finish for TJ Speed ​​Motorsports in the USF Pro 2000. His experience and familiarity with the course make him a strong contender for a top-five finish in the upcoming race. . Bettors should keep an eye out Top betting sites in the UK for the benefits and promotions done by James Roe at the Iowa Speedway.

If you’re not convinced that Roe is a viable bet for the remaining matches on this year’s Indy NXT roster, perhaps his accomplishments so far can help you understand his evolution.

James Roe Performance & Stats

Indy NXT 2023 (until now)

Category: Andretti Autosport

Last season: 17Th5Th7Th10Th6Th5Th12Th

Season status: 8Th (165 points)

Indy Lights 2022

Category: TJ Speed ​​Motorsports (first nine races), HMD Motorsports (Race 10 & 11)

Last season: 13Th13Th13Th13Th7Th9Th7Th12Th13Th12Th8Th

End of season standings: 12Th (219 points)

Indy Pro 2000 Championship

Category: Match 3 Motorsports

Last season: 15Th11Th13Th16Th8Th10Th11Th11Th6Th10Th8Th11Th4Th6Th10Th5Th11Th1St

End of season standings: 7Th (243 points)

Formula Regional Americas 2020 Championship

Category: Global Racing Group

Weather effects: 5Th12Thretired, 8Th9Th8Th9Th8Th9Th7Th4Th5Th6Th9Th7Th,5Th6Th

End of season standings: 7Th (92 points)

Formula 3 Americas Championship 2019

Category: Global Racing Group

Weather effects: 4Th7Th4Thretired, 6Th5Th7Th6Th8Th5Th5Th1St6Th6Th5Th5Th

End of season standings: 5Th (147 points)

F2000 Championship Series 2018

Category: ArmsUp Motorsports

Weather effects: 6Th3rd8Th1St15Th1St8Th3rdretired, 5Th3rdretired, 1St3rd

End of season standings: 2and (414 points)


Roe will next compete at Indy NXT and Firestone at Iowa Speedway on July 22, 2023. And whatever happens, he will continue to be one of Ireland’s most promising young drivers pursuing his dream of racing in the NTT INDYCAR SERIES. and Indianapolis 500 provided by Gainbridge.

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