Iran’s moral police are back on the streets to enforce the hijab


DUBAI: Iranian authorities on Sunday announced a new campaign to force women to wear the Islamic headscarf and morality police are back on the streets 10 months after the death of a woman in their custody sparked nationwide protests.
The moral police have largely given up after the death of the 22-year-old Mahsa Amini Last September, the authorities were struggling to quell many protests demanding the overthrow of the theocracy that has ruled Iran for more than four decades. Moral police were rarely seen roaming the streets, and in December, there were reports – later denied – that they had been removed.
Officials have insisted all along that the rules have not changed. Iran’s religious rulers see the hijab as a pillar of the Islamic revolution that brought them to power, and see casual dress as a sign of Western weakness. Police spokesman General Saeed Montazerolmahdi said the moral police will resume awareness and arrest women who do not wear the hijab.


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