Increasingly The Feds Are Protecting Joe Biden, Not Hunter


Two high-profile former IRS agents have now testified under oath that federal officials did not just move slowly. Hunter Biden searchbut he sought to investigate President Joe Biden’s role in the family business.

And even if the historical media is not interested in what’s going on, it seems like news to me.

On Wednesday, we found out who “Whistleblower X” is. Joseph Ziegler, a self-proclaimed Democrat who has worked at the agency since 2010, told the House Oversight and Accountability Committee that he handled 95% of the evidence in the Hunter Biden tax audit.

Ziegler testified that during the five years of the investigation, he felt “chained,” “trapped,” “belittled” and eventually stopped moving forward in the way he would have done if he had mocked anyone else.

Ziegler wrote a 99-page memo detailing the lawsuits, fully consistent with IRS guidelines governing tax evasion cases. He said that every investigator and prosecutor in the case agreed that wrongdoing was appropriate – all of which should be easy to find out.

Of course, it is interesting to talk about Hunter Biden’s news, but the most worrying thing should be to know why the companies that work in authoritarian countries send the Bidens $ 17 million. It would be a valid question even if there were no criminal investigation.

Now, I’m not saying that the feds were covering up Joe Biden’s illegal testimony — even though anecdotal evidence and common sense say that a family business can’t function without his involvement. I am saying that it is clear that the Department of Justice did not want to know if there was any evidence.

No one wanted a repeat of Hillary Clinton’s illegal server scam. And that’s how Hunter Biden got his sweet deal.

“Every time we wanted to go ask questions about the president, it was, ‘This is going to take a lot of approval. We can’t ask those questions,'” Ziegler told CBS News. “And I mean, it created an environment that was difficult to deal with.”

Gary Shapley, the second whistleblower, also testified that whenever prosecutors wanted to talk to Joe Biden’s great-grandsons or others who received money from foreign companies connected to the “big man,” investigators shut them down.

Shapley told the committee that either way “decisions were made that benefited the investigation.” This includes the Department of Justice to investigate the investigation to allow the statute of limitations to expire.

Shapley says the US attorney in DC who was appointed by Joe Biden made the final call to have Hunter prosecuted. U.S. Attorney David Weiss, testified under oath, told a room full of five other FBI and IRS officials to “leave it up to them to decide whether charges will be brought.”

Maybe Congress should swear everyone else in and know?

Not that any of this mattered to the committee’s Democrats, who rarely tried to challenge the evidence. Most of them focus on the negatives of Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani, who are often enough to put their people on the line. A few Democrats eagerly objected that the president’s son, a man who tried to ban sex-gang membership, prostitutes and high-end hotel rooms for drug dealers, was the subject of swift impeachment.

Although occasionally, they unknowingly made important points.

Rep. Stephen Lynch, D-Mass., for example, continued the fraud of the Trump years, bringing in Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, two people who were found to have the same problem as Hunter Biden, who was allowed to play.

Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., tried to excuse Hunter Biden’s actions by noting that he became sexually active and engaged in prostitution after his brother’s tragic death. Ziegler also alleged that Hunter Biden committed tax fraud after being suspected of being drunk and married.

Any real political reporter who has the privilege would be pressuring the White House every day to reveal what Joe Biden’s son, brother and great-grandchildren – and almost everyone in his family – donated to foreign organizations in Romania, China and Ukraine that were worth more than $17 million.

The President can end all of this by explaining the situation.

To be honest, I don’t expect to find out. It is what it is, but please stop telling me that no one is above the law.


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