I’m the King of all things Greece and the Canaries – my top tips from perfecting the buffet to saving money on flights

A BRIT tour guide who described himself as the “king of everything” has shared his top tips for making the most of your freebies.

Johnny Seifert has collected some great tips after going on 30 plus vacations since 2008.


Johnny Seifert is an all-in-one expert and has shared his top tips for making the most of your free space.Credit: Johnny Seifert
Bloke has been on more than 30 holidays in total


Bloke has been on more than 30 holidays in totalCredit: Johnny Seifert
Johnny always makes sure he gets his money when he's out


Johnny always makes sure he gets his money when he’s outCredit: JOHNNY SEIFERT

The holidaymaker said he always made sure he got his money’s worth when he was at home all inclusive hotel – and now it has revealed how you can do just that.

He told The Sun: “Firstly, make sure you eat every few hours to get the most out of it food.”

And with buffets readily available several times a day, they encourage travelers to take advantage of the packaged items.

“There will always be packs of things to take away,” he said.

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“It’s usually bread, packets of Nutella and margarine – there will be cookies and boxes of Coco Pops and Special K.”

Johnny also recommends bringing sandwich bags when you travel – so you can grab free ones and take them to your packs if you’re feeling hungry in the morning.

And vacationers should make the most of free food until the end of their sandwich-making time at the buffet to fly at home.

“It’s always good to have a roll and butter with you all day to eat,” he said.

But the tips don’t stop in the dining room, as Johnny shared some tips that will transform your hotel room – and help you relax properly.

“Use two plasters to cover the small hole you see on the air-con – that way your room will be black,” he said.

She also recommends folding a towel in half and pulling it to the side TV which has a light to it so it can interfere when you are trying to fall asleep.

And if you want to save money, Johnny suggests converting to pounds on hotel websites – which often makes it cheaper.

Booking flights and taxis separately will also save money, he said.

The all-inclusive expert went on to explain how changing up your cocktails regularly will keep you from getting bored of drinks and sticking to water.

On his travels he goes from Pimms to Piña Colada and ends with a Mango Daiquiri to ensure he’s always making the most of the free bar.

If you’re planning to book your sun holiday this year, Johnny has some advice Greece and Canary Islands like a hot spot.

“These are your best options because they do great vacations and are family-friendly,” he said.

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This comes after Johnny shared his top tips with The Sun Online on how to always be the best place for the sun he is on vacation.

The self-proclaimed “sun lounger stealer” has honed his skills over 15 years of frequenting the same hotel in Gran Canaria.

They recommend bringing sandwich bags and plasters on vacation


They recommend bringing sandwich bags and plasters on vacationCredit: Johnny Seifert
Johnny says it's always a good time for the holidays


Johnny says it’s always a good time for the holidaysCredit: Johnny Seifert

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