I thought I had won the £76MILLION lottery jackpot…


A WOMAN thought she had won the lottery before she realized she had made a stupid mistake.

Aishwarya wrote this time TikTokand said that at first he was speechless when he thought he had won.


Aishwarya shared her embarrassing moment on a TV showCredit: @aishranaway
He bought the ticket on impulse while in Adelaide


He bought the ticket on impulse while in AdelaideCredit: Getty

He said: “I think I just won the lottery. My heart. I’m not even kidding.”

Aishwarya quickly bought a ticket while in Adelaide, Australia.

But when he looked at his ticket, he realized that the number he thought was the winning number was just that day’s number.

Aishwarya laughed: “I’m dumb. charityI should buy another house, quit my job.

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“What made me think I won? This is why I don’t play the lottery.”

Had she won, Aishwarya would have earned more than $US50,000 ($100,000) – which would have made her charity donation possible.

Fans found the moment shocking, with one commenting: “We’ve all been there, dear girl.”

Another said: “BAHAHHAHAHA AINT NO WAYYY I’d be quiet for days.”

One said: “It’s a humbling experience.”

Former lotto winner Les Scalding netted £45.5million after making a silly mistake in the game. Tesco See.

At the time, 58-year-old truck driver Les was unemployed and took a chance on the lottery to change his life.

In 2009, he told the Guardian: “My daughter lives Abu Dhabi and every week after filming he comes Skype and say ‘you still win’ and I say ‘Others week.”

However, a a person he admitted when he went to buy the winning ticket he forgot his lucky numbers.

Unable to repeat the numbers, Les goes to meet Lucky Dip by chance – an idea that could pay off big.

He said: “When I asked the people behind the counter to check the numbers, the machine just printed a pink stalking, telling me to contact Camelot.

“I thought I might have won £50,000, and I ran home to tell Samantha.

“When we realized I had all seven, we almost dropped the laptop.”

Camelot later confirmed that their dream would come true.

The couple were later photographed looking upset as they picked up their big check for $45,570,835.

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His wife, Samantha, said they both suffer sleep in the days after victory.

However, he said he was very happy to reduce his working hours after years of working hard to support the family.

Filming was not an opportunity for Aishwarya


Filming was not an opportunity for AishwaryaCredit: Getty


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