How to force Google Chrome to display every page in black mode

Chrome can easily be switched to dark mode, giving you an easy-on-the-eyes experience for nighttime Google searches.

Chrome can easily be switched to dark mode, giving you something that’s easy on the eyes for those late at night Google searches. In addition, Chrome can force websites with a light theme to display curved colors, giving you dark backgrounds and bright text.

If you are looking to protect your battery life phones or simply reduce your glare desktop monitorhere’s how you can help.

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How to enable dark mode in Chrome on Windows

  1. Log in Preferences on Windows menu, click Changing settings that’s it Species and scroll down to the switch that is labeled Choose your coloror on Windows 11, Choose your look
  2. This change Black supports dark mode on all apps with native support, including Chrome

However, this only affects the browser’s interface and menu. If you want to change the look of the web, especially to force the light color pages to show a black background and white text, follow these steps.

How to force dark mode on Chrome web

  1. Enter this address in your URL: chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark
  2. This will bring up Chrome’s hidden menu and Force Dark Mode option
  3. Go to the drop down menu next to Enable Dark Mode and choice It’s turned on
  4. Down, hit it Restart it button to restart your browser

Note: In Step 3 above, you will see several options in the drop down menu; they all work the same way, just different colors. You can try them all if you want. It depends on what you like.

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How to enable dark mode in Chrome on macOS

  1. Open it System Preferences choice General Then Appearance
  2. Click on Black perhaps. As with Windows, all programs with a black interface change

How to enable dark mode in Chrome on Android

Dark mode on Android is enabled in the same way as it is on the web. It’s still an experimental version, so some design elements may look a little outdated.

Enable Dark Mode Chrome Android

  1. Drive to chrome://flags in the Chrome address bar
  2. Beating Search for flags box and enter the word ‘black’. Here you will be given two options: Auto Dark Mode for Website Content and Stop black websites in the header check box
  3. If you choose one option, you can choose from several options, just like you can with a computer program
  4. The second option will add settings that you can turn on and off within the options
  5. Choose the option you prefer next restart Chrome see the results

How to enable dark mode in Chrome on iOS

Since the launch of iOS 13, apple has provided a dark mode for all operating systems on iPhone and iPad. Selecting this option will also change Chrome to a dark mode.

Black Color iOS

  1. Go home Favoritesand to Show it and they can The Darkness of Darkness
  2. When you reopen Chrome, it should show these changes

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