House Democrats Release Evidence That Damages Kevin McCarthy’s Impeachment


House Democrats presented testimony from Chief Border Patrol Agents that challenged Speaker McCarthy’s pressure to make false statements about the Southwest border.

Everything memo exposes the lies behind McCarthy’s impeachment movement.

Chief Border Patrol Agents say there is no problem and chaos at the border:

Chief Patrol Agent Joel Martinez, Laredo Sector (June 1, 2023):

Q: Chief Ortiz has previously described what has happened on the southwest border in the last few years as a crisis. Do you agree that the southwest border is a problem?

A: Speaking of Laredo, I don’t have a problem going on right now, so—

Q: What about your experience in [Rio Grande Valley sector]?

A: RGV, there were times when we were overwhelmed, but, like, right now, things are normal. They are good.

Border Patrol officials also rejected Republican claims that Biden changed policy and deliberately created problems at the border.

Chief Patrol Agent Scott Good, El Paso Sector (June 29, 2023):

Q: And is it fair to say that the agents serving under you are trying to protect the border every day?

A: They do.

Q: And, given that, you never gave them a restraining order. Is that right?

A: Correct.

Q: And, in your role as El Paso’s county commissioner, you have never received a restraining order. Is that right?

A: Correct.

Q: You have never received a curfew while in the Grand Forks Sector. Is that right?

A: Correct.

The Biden administration does not allow criminals to cross the border and enter the US.

Chief Patrol Agent Aaron Heitke, San Diego Sector (May 9, 2023):

Q: And, when immigrants are detained, they check their criminal history, whether they’re on a criminal watch list, anything else in their history. Is that right?

A: Yes.

Q: And, if someone has a flag, like an official document, can it be sent to another law enforcement agency?

Answer: It depends on the flags, whether we can send them to another organization or we can do it ourselves.

Q: Okay. So let’s say, if someone is wanted for a crime, is it right to say that they are not just extradited to the United States, are there any consequences?

A: Correct.

Republicans and Fox News Have Made the Border Issues Wrong

Speaker McCarthy and House Republicans are pushing to fire Biden’s defense secretary over a crisis that doesn’t exist.

Border issues have been created by Republicans and the media to serve as a political tool to mobilize voters.

It’s telling that when he talks about the problems at the border, he doesn’t talk to people who know what’s going on. They don’t talk to those who are in charge of the border process.

The problems of racism in the borders of the Republican threats are not clear, and Kevin McCarthy wants to use what the Secretary of Homeland Security is painting President Biden as a border failure to help Trump in 2024.

As with other House Republican surveys, the problem borders on fraud. Witness testimony gathered by the House Committee on Safety and Oversight confirms this.

The entire memo is worth reading because it shows that lobbying Republicans is a baseless abuse of power aimed at influencing the 2024 presidential election.


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