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I am over 20 years old, Michele Phillips he knows the joys and challenges of leading a team and business, large and small. Michele brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to help her clients succeed in their businesses. In an industry where 80% of businesses fail, Michele not only grew but sold well and exited her company after eight years. He grew his business to seven figures with 14-17% annual profit. Beyond her experience as an entrepreneur, Michele also excelled in sales and project management in corporate banking. Find out more about Michele at cultivateadvisors.com.

Michele Phillips Hit it and quit

Dee Bowden is the founder of BCS Solutions, and the author of this book Save the Money. They work with small businesses that want to solve their financial problems. Its mission is to enable businesses to do business. After collecting $6 million in 60 days working for a small IT company, he realized that many small businesses fell into the trap of losing money because they didn’t collect on their debts. He has been featured in Forbes, Enterprise, and Thriving Global Magazine. One of the techniques they use is repeating affirmations. For more information, contact him at CollectTheCash.biz.

Dee Bowden Hit it and quit

Barry Banther is a family business professional. He is a great speaker and gentleman, and has been helping family businesses work together and live together in harmony for over three decades. He has been a lead consultant in over 400 negotiations to help improve small businesses. From planning to planning for separation and exit, Barry’s clients rely on him. The buyer and president of the 120-year-old family business described Barry this way, “Barry is a leader of leaders. His wisdom, motivation, and experience have helped us grow personally and professionally over the past decade.” If you want more information about Barry Banther, go to BarryBanter.com.

Barry Banther Hit it and quit

Three amazing guests – Michele Phillips, Dee Bowden, and Barry Banther – join me at the same time for a fun, light, quick quiz about my favorite business.

We get their thoughts on other business tools, old-school marketing tips, and great books for aspiring business owners.

Listen to the podcast below:

This week on the SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • Interesting, quick question.
  • Movies that our visitors love.
  • Their favorite business app.
  • Their favorite old-school tips.
  • And a few more questions about the best resources for up-and-coming business leaders.

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