Fans Respond To Usher Serenading The Gworlz At Las Vegas Residency


Like Usher continues to put on great shows during her time in Las Vegas, she’s already had the pleasure of hanging out with celebrities, sparking an online buzz about “Take Your Girl Tour!”

Especially – following his moment and Cake Palmer – Usher made a big impression Goodbye and Winnie Harlow others like when they act, and star like Boosie and Charlamagne Tha God he’s coming in!

Usher Gives The Most Famous Mom Ever

Over the weekend, a video surfaced of Usher singing to Saweetie – who he recently remembered. 30 years old – at one of his Vegas shows.

Jokingly, Usher asked her to sing along as he entertained her, though Saweetie apparently just wanted to dance. However, he he said finish some songs of “There Goes My Baby.”

Soon after, Winnie Harlow shared a video showing how happy she is with Usher’s work. Winnie noted that she avoided other toys when she was on her man’s lap, and Usher responded by saying, “Well, you’ve decided!”

Saweetie & Winnie Harlow Go To The Show Following Keke Palmer’s Situation

Of course, this collaboration with Saweetie and Winnie Harlow follows the rivalry between Usher and Keke Palmer – which led to more information from Darius Daultonthe father of her child.

As The Shade Room previously reported, Darius took issue with Keke’s outfit and publicly reminded her, “You women.”

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This allowed different people to come in, and even Aoki Lee Simmons joining the chat to let him know that he was “inflexible” and guilty.

Boosie, Fans, & Charlamagne Tha God Chime In

Naturally, this interaction led to an online chat. Peep what other fans had to say on Twitter below.

Although Boosie was supposed to be speaking, when he jokingly announced that Usher was on the “Take Your Girl Tour.” Wow!

Monday (Jul. 10), The Breakfast Club cohabitant Charlamagne Tha God also acknowledged Usher’s buzz by accusing him of “searching” women he’s in a relationship for pleasure.

Instead, he said Usher is on “search and destroy job search for women to find” so he can “disturbing them and destroying their homes.”

“That man played Keke Palmer on purpose. That man played Saweetie on purpose – you know he’s got YG here. Winnie Harlow had to sit on her husband’s lap to protect herself from the Godd*mn!”


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