Fans Cut Nicki Minaj’s ‘Barbie’ Wig

On the heels of Nicki Minaj go to Barbie international gamesthe rapper is the talk of the internet after he decided to cut the long fringe he wore to the event!

Proud Tae Calls Out Nicki Minaj To Cut Her Wig, Rapper Unapologina Is Owning The Move.

The news came when Nicki shared it Video for Instagram which showed her and her husband, Kenneth Petty.

In particular, Nicki Minaj is previewing a new project with JT at this time, and throws again before drawing and City Girls a composer.

Even a good part of Nicki’s updo was to show off how down-to-earth, famous hairstylist she is A rude tie He looked at the unit he gave Barbie the debut looked slimmer and flattering!

So, he went into his comment section and asked, “Who cut wiggggggggggggggg?”

This got a response from the “Chun-Li” rapper, who wrote, “I SAID!!!! WHO CAN VISIT ME BOO????” Wow!

Fans Chant: “So Nicki Cut That Cute Wig Off?!”

Tae wasn’t the only one to comment on Nicki Minaj’s work, as it naturally took off on the internet.

Check out what various Twitter users had to say below when they cut Nicki’s “broken” wig.

Interestingly, a few users thought that Arrogant Tae played a role in Nicki’s decision.

We should also mention that Tae talked to Nicki on The Shade Room’s floor raisesaying, “Rich stuff ppl dooooooo.”

He also confirmed that he would add, “It’s a good thing we have a million wigs.” TIME!

As for Nicki, she played along, even saying, “Finish this at the business end of Eastern standard time bitch.”

What do you think about Nicki Minaj making a big change for her lover? Barbie First wig?

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