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The EU finalized an agreement with Tunisia on Sunday to strengthen trade ties and curb the flow of African migrants to Europe.

Under the deal, which the European Commission struggled to get through the line, the EU is giving money to Tunis to change power limits.

Financial details of the partnership were not disclosed EU identity during the week. But Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen said last month that the EU is ready to give Tunisia more than 1 billion dollars in the areas of trade, finance and energy cooperation.

The statement says the deal covers five pillars: migration, economic stability, trade and investment, green energy transition, and social connectivity.

On economic development, von der Leyen told a press conference in Tunis that the EU “is ready to help Tunisia by encouraging people. great financial support He added that as a “linkage system, we are ready to provide immediate support on the budget.”

Although he did not say much on Sunday, von der Leyen said in June that the Commission was considering up to €900 million in capital expenditure, including “up to €150 million in budget support” directly.

Von der Leyen traveled to Tunisia on Sunday along with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to meet again with Tunisian President Kais Saied. A similar meeting last month could not lead to the conclusion of the negotiations by the end of June of the EU leaders as they had hoped.

“Immigration is a key element of the agreement we signed today,” Rutte told a press conference on Sunday. “It’s important to control illegal immigration more.”

Von der Leyen said that in accordance with the agreement, the EU will give Tunisia 100 million dollars to improve border management, search and rescue, anti-smuggling measures and other measures to solve the migration problem.

“The tragic shipwreck a few weeks ago, in which many people lost their lives, was also a call to action,” von der Leyen said. “We have to deal with the crimes of smugglers and smugglers.”

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