Did A$AP Rocky criticize Travis Scott on Rihanna’s run during Rolling Loud Miami? Search

A$AP Rocky entertained fans by previewing three unreleased tracks from the highly anticipated album, Don’t Be Foolish, on the head on Rolling Loud Miami. Although the performance was full of excitement, one song caught the audience’s attention, as it seemed to have a hidden message directed at another artist. Fans speculated that A$AP Rocky objected Travis Scott on his Rolling Loud show.

A$AP Rocky and Travis Scott: friendly lovers or real competition?

The alleged rivalry between A$AP Rocky and Travis Scott began in 2015, when Travis was dating. Rihanna, who is now expecting a child with Rocky. The feud has been brewing for some time, and Travis expressed dismay when someone mistook him for Rocky in the. New York Citysomething Rocky has been jokingly saying to Travis for years.

During his power play, A$AP Rocky released music that some fans believe could be directed at Travis Scott. The unnamed artist, as the song’s lyrics suggest, apparently borrowed elements from Rocky’s style, and the Harlem songwriter addressed the issue.

Rocky growled slyly, “First you stole my exit, then I stole your ass. Then you stole my style, I need at least 10 percent. No disrespect, I hope you’re disappointed!”

Interestingly, last year, Rocky publicly acknowledged the similarities between their styles but didn’t seem interested in impersonating them. He cited Travis Scott’s impersonation as an influence, showing good behavior in the situation.

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Rocky’s Don’t Be an Ass and Scott’s Utopia nearby

As A$AP Rocky prepares to drop his much-anticipated album Silence, fans are eager to witness the evolution of his musical talent. With each release, the rapper has been constantly pushing the boundaries and showing growth as an artist. The controversy surrounding the alleged shooting of Travis Scott may be a clever marketing ploy to build anticipation for the upcoming album.

In the midst of all this drama, I have to say that Travis Scott himself is preparing to unveil his long-awaited album, Utopia. Revealing the album’s release date during his Rolling Loud session, Travis is no stranger to creating buzz and excitement around his music.

As musical performances continue to make headlines, it’s important to remember that friendly competition and playing games are not uncommon. Both A$AP Rocky and Travis Scott are very talented artists, and their fans eagerly await the release of their new works. Check out this highly anticipated release and enjoy the exciting journey of these two unique artists!

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