Details Usher Trying ‘Something Different’ Through Vegas Residency

In a newly published interview, Usher they have ideas they are bringing to the Las Vegas Residency!

While the April 2023 sit-down happened a few months before Usher had the star-like virus. Cake Palmer, Goodbyeand Winnie Harlowit shows his strong commitment to give the audience “deep” and “different” experiences.

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Singer Uses Live to “Spread [His] Wings”

Hard released the set on Wednesday (Jul. 12), and Usher detailed how he wanted to give people “something different” with his show.

Based on what some have jokingly called Usher a “dangerous” who on “take your girl’s trip,” and explaining some of the drama surrounding this story, it is safe to say that he achieved this goal!

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“I enjoy doing something deeper than just listening to music or seeing a singer on stage. So, I [asked myself]What can I do to bring a little bit of that into the Vegas experience that will be different?

Moving on, Usher talked about how being in Las Vegas gives him the opportunity to “spread out [his] wings and try different things. “

“I wanted Vegas to be an opportunity for me to spread my wings and try different things that I haven’t done before. I wanted to make sure that I gave you something that didn’t excite you, and [that] you felt good, and you were glad you had time to get there because I gave you something that you would not have seen or found.”

With the singer focused on putting on a big show, Usher added that he encourages people to take pictures and share a little of his performance, as he does. they want others to know what they are serving. OK!

“I let people bring their phones into my show, and normal people don’t do that. I want you to share it. I want you to see it. I want you to ask yourself what it’s like to be here.”

Usher Dishes On Being An “Intergenerational Act” Who Goes On Tour: “It Feels Good”

The “Burn” artist didn’t stop there, because he also admitted that he is an “intergenerational act” that has hit the whole family.

“I’ve seen the whole family come to a show… I think being able to say that I have music that has been around for generations is a testament to creating something that people love, and maybe that’s where I get the title. [of being an intergenerational act] from.”

Further, Usher also commented on whether he wants to retire soon. After firmly shutting down the prospect, he said, “Being there feels good.”

“It feels good because I get a chance to be the father I want to be to my kids, and do what I love, and run a business and settle down. I mean, you get a chance to be in one place for a good amount of time.”

He concluded by pointing out that the future had happened, and that he was just trying to “try where [he goes].”

“I’m just happy to be here. Whatever this next chapter of my life represents will be based on what I feel. And I give it my all, every time I do what I do. “

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