DeSantis was so obsessed with Trumping that he killed his campaign

When it comes to the 2024 presidential bid of Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, everyone agrees on one thing: It’s not going well.

But how to fix it? It is a different story with many answers, which no one tries to smell.

Some pundits and Republican pundits are advocating an approach that the DeSantis camp has already embraced: run to Trump’s right-it’s the only way.

Haters still Amazing anti-LGBTQ movie shared by Team DeSantis last week on Twitter showed the entire process. Pick a group that hasn’t been accepted before – in this case transgender Americans, whom the MAGA cultists naively believe is ruining their lives – and then threaten to prove you have no humanity. Bonuses for making the most confusingly confusing dating like incels in the way.

As governor, Mr. DeSantis has sent his tyranny to the few people he can find, deporting at-risk immigrants from Martha’s Vineyard, banning all references to homosexuality in K-12 education, and authorizing the banning of textbooks in schools. school library. any material that any parent would find inappropriate (for example, books about black, brown, LGBTQ+ and sexuality, etc.).

DeSantis has also moved to the right of his arch-rival Donald Trump – who continues to trail him in national elections. and 30 points– for abortion. In Iowa full of evangelicals, DeSantis is playing up his anti-abortion bonafides after signing the ban on abortion at about six weeks (even though They buried him at night). Trump may have filled the Supreme Court that toppled it Roe v. Wade is a staunch anti-abortion activist, but has avoided promising to sign a national abortion ban.

The main problem with the last-around-Trump approach is that it encourages the kind of social violence that DeSantis comes naturally to. If the governor of Florida is trying to prove himself as an irredeemably ruthless man because Team DeSantis has determined that brutality is the only way to defeat the MAGA cult, then mission accomplished. 35% positive, 56% negative in Civiqs to followDeSantis has been averaging more than 3 points a month in favorability for the past seven months.

So by trying to be self-serving of the abusers, DeSantis is killing his own argument. His good and independent Worst at 33% good, 55% bad.

As Focus Group podcast host Sarah Longwell he told The New York Times“They’re alienating college-educated voters, who want to go beyond Trump.”

On Twitter, Longwell added that advisers are advising DeSantis to push Trump to the right “must be removed.”

In response to his sinking taste, Team DeSantis has done it sent his camera-savvy wife and former TV anchor, Casey DeSantis, that that “man” he. I am not the first presidential campaign to test the attack and it will not be the last. But how much can a woman give to a man who was instructed before the 2018 debate to write “LIKABLE” in all caps above his notebook as a reminder to be, well, a man?

The DeSantis camp is also circling the idea that the first GOP debate in August will be the time for candidates to change all that.

“This is where people will start paying attention to the basics,” DeSantis said recently said the Prophet. “I think so far, so much [Trump’s advantage] has been involved in some of these crimes,” he added incoherently that he had been charged.

DeSantis’ biggest change in contention is just speculation. If Trump shows controversy, he will win over his students because Trump is a real entertainer. Even though Trump is hated by half the country, he knows how to manipulate the wrong MAGA crowd. Disturbing as it is, Trump’s followers enjoy his rallies as culture. DeSantis, by contrast, is an unhappy reliever of suffering.

But if Trump doesn’t show up for the debate then Chris Christie will trip DeSantis, assuming he can do something about it. Christie gave a glimpse of this fall a few weeks ago on CNN, filming a video of DeSantis campaigning in New Hampshire. It was brutal.

However, a spokesperson for the pro-DeSantis super PAC Never Back Down also sounded positive for the upcoming negotiations.

“I am confident that Governor DeSantis will live up to his expectations and raise awareness of his extraordinary life, political history, and presidential achievements,” said Steve Cortes.

It seems that the phrase “exceeding expectations” is doing a lot of work there. Cortes made the statement in response to a reporter’s questions after a recent interview DeSantis explained as “behind” and facing an “uphill battle” against Trump, who is a “fugitive from the front.”

Cortes also provided the most transparent information on the negotiations.

“Is Ron the anti-Trump?” he put. “No, no. Indeed Donald Trump is the master of precision, no doubt about it. “

Let’s just say that expectations are low and falling fast.

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